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The Magical Process of Writing

When we put pen to paper (or else fingers to keys to screen) something magical happens. A whole new world is created; a world that comes entirely from the deep realms of the imagination. 473 more words


People Change

You know, it’s funny how people change. If you just take a step back and flash forward a few years, or even rewind a few years, it’s amazing to see how the people that are in your life now weren’t always there (or at least in that form), and sadly enough, won’t always be there in the years to come. 441 more words

Life Lessons

I'm not alone

May 24th 2007

I was born without a choice

I was given just this voice

A voice you brought up to be proud

A voice you scold when I am loud… 285 more words


I had to come out of the closet

May 13th 2007 

Yeah, it’s 2 a.m. again. Go figure.

*rubbing eyes* They burn, I don’t know why. This is the first year I’ve had allergies, if that’s what this is. 585 more words


No time to hate

I’ve seen a lot of hate and anger in my social media feeds lately, directed at people of different religions, heritages, philosophies, and lifestyle choices, and it makes me sad. 264 more words

Blank Fridays: I Thought...

…And there goes pain, heart ache, betrayal and …please borrow me a word…

Thought we were friends, best pallies, meant to look out for each other? 127 more words


Day 187/365: Finding Expression

I am grateful for day 5 of Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s Finding Your Flow Meditation Experience.

So far, we have had the following meditations:
Day 1: … 94 more words