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Masturbation or Gratifying the Flesh?

This article tries to get down to the core issue; if masturbation is a sin. Here are two testimony’s of people who have struggled with addiction to self gratification. 571 more words


For Those Who Can Acknowledge They Have a Problem with Sexual Sin

There is hope of being freed from sexual sin. I know that God has set me free with a lot of hard work, time, and sacrifice. 612 more words


Setting Captive's Free 60 Day Course

For all who are interested…. I will be restarting a free 60 day course called “The Way of Purity”. I would encourage any and all who struggle with pornography and self gratification (masturbation) to join me in getting a free mentor who will help you with your struggle and be true accountability, along with anyone else you like to send your answers to. 237 more words


Value In Change

Value In Change

I can’t save the world
But I can save myself
That’s enough work
For one man himself

Make all the money in the world… 82 more words

Why & how to end the habit of masturbation

On this talk show:  Several reasons why it’s important for a man to end a habit of masturbation, and how you can stop the habit… 13 more words


Wrestlings against the Lustful Mind

Today I was battling lustful thoughts for a past girlfriend for a few moments….but I know that just allowing a few thoughts through will put my defense in dire straights. 16 more words