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A battle built by unknown reasons

That’s what I feel like today. Like I am in a war zone. And I have no reason to be. My heart aches. I can’t stand being in my own skin. 341 more words


My forehead hurts.

So, as yesterday’s little poem stated, yesterday, I was angry.

But I was not angry and stupid, well, not COMPLETELY stupid.

I needed to hurt, I needed to feel something other than angry, so I got a hold of my spikey stress ball… 86 more words

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I see fire....

Been stuck on this song since last night. Seems a bit dark but there has been this underlying tone of darkness for the last couple days for me. 959 more words


More Than Any Name

You speak

I say, That isn’t me

Least not the me

I want to be

You ask

Then who are you

I say

I can’t explain it anyway… 156 more words


Happy Easter.

I really don’t know where to begin with this blog. I guess I’ll start with HAPPY EASTER! I know it’s 1am-ish where I am but the though is still there. 1,769 more words


Today, I am angry... (A short poem)

Today, I am angry and I don’t know why.
I want to shout and scream and punch and cry.
I want to bleed.
I want to feel pain. 82 more words

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Looking Back On Self-Harm: Cuts and Scars

A few years ago my psych nurse really pissed me off- to be fair most of the things that she did really pissed me off, but this one took me to a whole new level. 547 more words

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