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A Letter I Wished I Had Received by Natalie Noel Truitt

Dear Reader,

We all had this perfect image of what the teenaged version of us would look like. I know for me it was this beautiful, fit, happy girl who was friends with everyone. 708 more words


Noticing Self-Harm

I wish I knew what to say.

I keep noticing strangers with self harm scars/cuts. I’ve been self harming for about four years or so, I know what it looks like when you cut yourself with a razor- when you’re used to those kind of cuts you can recognise them. 225 more words

Mental Illness


It’s been months since I did this. Months of fighting the shaking and the longing; the sick twisting of my stomach and sharp twinges of my mind. 316 more words


Last psych appt

Yesterday afternoon I was seen by the doctors, and my community nurse/case manager also sat in on the meeting. I was asked whether I wanted to be discharged that day or the next, I chose to be discharged that afternoon. 523 more words


Light It Up and Let It Go by Adriana Gabrielle

Sunset stole the light that colored in your eyes,
And everything in sight was lost in silhouette
You’re lost in silhouette

Light it up and let it go… 1,233 more words