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Life inside of insanity (beware, it's long)

I have tried to write about my story so many times, but not a single one of those times have I been able to get across what I really want to say. 2,228 more words

The aftermath of failure

How does one pick themselves up after failing so miserably? This is the question I have been trying to answer the past few days. Part of me still wants to get better. 475 more words


Goals reached

I reached my goal!!

Two weeks self harm free and still going. I’m barely hanging on, but I am, and that makes me feel so proud of myself right now. 84 more words


Harder than I thought

So this whole stopping-self-harm thing is way harder than I had anticipated. I am actually ashamed of how hard it is for me. I never realised how addicted I got to it, or how much I depended on it just to get through each day. 146 more words


Day 22: Where do you feel the most calm?

When I was in college, there was a little trail that led to a beautiful view of the town and valley. It was close enough to campus to walk to quickly, but just far enough to get some decent exercise. 168 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder