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A massive THANK YOU "Step Up The Love" music video!

We did it!!!

A massive THANK YOU to everyone involved in the making of the music video Step Up The Love!

Step Up The Love is a highly inspiring and touching song aimed at suicide prevention and awareness which will be released in September 2014. 191 more words


The Undertow

The waves kept coming and before I knew it I lost my foot hold in the bottom of the ocean.

Swept up.

I jerked my limbs and broke the waves with my skin a few times, until the fighting was making me sink. 226 more words

The Depression Assignment

Depression touches our lives in many ways. Based on a newspaper or magazine article, book, movie, or personal contact with a depressed relative or friend, describe in some detail the effects of a depressive episode on a real person.

1,684 more words


I’m feeling pretty low. It’s siting heavy on my chest and I keep thinking about dying. It would be easier than this.
I think I’m defective… or rather feel that way. 323 more words

Mental Health

Kermit Says: Nobody’s Perfect…And That’s Okay (Trigger Warning)

Growing up, I often felt as though my knees were buckling under immense amounts of pressure. I’m not saying I didn’t have an amazing life filled with some pretty amazing people, but there were times when the need to be perfect outweighed everything. 257 more words

Kermit Says

Little Victories

Actually proud to be able to say that I can trust myself with these again. :)

Forget Me Not

Fanfiction Description

Danisnotonfire fanfiction

Eryn is plagued by memories. Memories of an attack from her best friend. Memories of her parents’ death. So when forced to a London school by her foster parents, she expects nightmares. 148 more words