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Rainbow & Josh

Rainbow & Josh

Let me be honest, the AA meetings didn’t help. Let me rephrase that: The AA meetings I attended didn’t help—and I attended more than I wanted to. 854 more words


Acceptance of reality in depression cure

Acceptance of reality in depression cure

People are thought by the society that we have control over what happens in life and could have chosen to do things differently by exercising our “free will”. 513 more words


Cold love

Back into thinking about school, since there are only 4 days left. School caused loads of issues, the last two years. One of them is me, taking the breaks I really think I need. 656 more words


Guilt, motherhood, and mothering

I think it’s hilarious that I feel guilty over not posting on my ED blog. ED is all about guilt – at least for me. 414 more words

The 20th of August

I started getting better but I relapsed today.

I feel disgusted and relieved, the cuts were deeper than I’ve done before and they started to bleed for quite a long time and I don’t know if some wounds might need stitches but you know… It’s not like I care anymore. 540 more words



Small update about the last few days.

I moved.

Have no wifi for two weeks.

I started my work at the college as a grad student. 69 more words


I should have spoken up

At work today, a couple co-workers were discussing a student who last year had been cutting, but they were “just scratches” and it was implied that she really was seeking attention by showing people. 175 more words