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An Education

“I don’t get it” she says, pulling thread from her old school skirt

Grey locked nylon pleats, cuffed, asleep.


“I don’t get it” she says, blackboard chalk badly wiped off  252 more words

An Artists Mind

I decorated my skin
With all of these scars
To try and feel
What it is like
To be alive.
I painted my canvas
With a razor blade… 28 more words

Scratches Aren't Self Harm

Well loves, yet again I am back to battle against ignorance from people on the outside making assumptions

There are just a few things I would like to put out there: 305 more words

Rhetorical questions

What do you do with yourself when you’ve realised you really don’t want to be alive, but you really don’t want to cause pain to others either? 105 more words

Bearded Lady Beats The Bullies

A woman learns to accept herself as God made her.


Why'd I stop cutting?

Trigger warning

Why did I stop cutting? I’m in bed, feeling really shitty, with the gross crying. You know, the kind where I get a hand towel because tissues are useless against these kind of tears and my nose is all snotty. 257 more words


21 Days clean!! :3

The best thing to have happened this week. Despite all the crap I’ve kept my arm cut and bruise free, all to make it to 3 weeks (and the rest of the way forward from now!!) :3