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Some Things I Wish I'd Known

Sixty plus years into my life, I can now look back and realize there are certain things I wish I’d been aware of earlier.

For example, I know now that everyone does not see the world in the same way. 405 more words


Upside Down

We are getting the water damage on our living room ceiling fixed. Now everything that was in there is now stuffed somewhere else, creating a state of pure chaos in our house. 219 more words

Oh Honey! You're Learning!!

I’m thinking about starting a blog, how my husband help me ascend. There’s only a small technical detail out of whack, other than the obvious one that I’m not married… 694 more words

Who Needs Enemies?

Recently a man was telling me about his disappointment with his life. He said that after all the work he had done to improve himself and find success, he was still just where he started. 91 more words


We are NOT self help junkies

I’m the first one to admit that I love a self help marathon reading session. Every time I stumble upon a ’10 ways to raise your chakras’ (or whatever) article, I almost yelp with glee inside in hope that I will find a new angle on how to improve my life. 444 more words


Same Sh*t, Different Day

When you’re chasing your goals and dreams, there is a lot of time where you’re just trudging along, working hard to get where you want to be. 11 more words