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I Am Not.

I am not my failures; I am not my fears!  I’m repeating that today.  It rings of truth for me, how about you?  I am not the mistakes I have made and I am not the fears that I face each day.  94 more words

It does not feel right . . .

I saw a purple couch being moved into my neighbor’s house this afternoon. Purple. The most recent inhabitants of this house, Hugh and his lovely wife Doris, would have had a fit. 400 more words


The Big Energy Drag

Not from working.

Postponing and avoiding tasks is the biggest energy thief.

In my own experience, the thief’s mantras are thoughts like these…

  1. I’ll fail…
  2. 111 more words

How to keep a fitness routine when routine goes out the window

Life happens. Whether you’re travelling or weighed down with extra work, there always comes a time when fitness takes the back burner. As hard as we try, these phases will always be a part of our lives. 310 more words


Drake says "No New Friends", I say...YES PLEASE!



If you are a “radio head” or are into the hip-hop scene, or basically “musically conscientious”. Then I am sure you have heard of Singer/Rapper “Aaliyah obsessed” Drake’s “No New Friends”. 617 more words

Self Help

Out for my power hour walk

On my way out the door for another night of visualization.

For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about. You many be interested in watching this short video of Jim Carrey on… 364 more words


August's Swan Song

Last night the sun set for the very last time on August.

Along with it there was texture and color, light and contrast. It was a beautiful and dramatic sight. 87 more words

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