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Work Out Your Brain - Go to the Memory Gym

The first thing I noticed when I started using computers and gadgets to help me remember things was how quickly I lost my ability to remember anything at all. 481 more words


Do I make a difference?

This is a question that pops in my mind more often than not.

When I was a swimmer, all I wanted to do was to be the best I could be pretty much for the fun of it, to show myself what I was capable of and to prove everyone who didn’t believe a 24 year old could start swimming and be good at it wrong (I also wanted to rub it in the face of the coach that told me I had no potential). 877 more words


Weekly Quickie {wink, wink!}

Weekly Quickie {wink,wink!} Here is your weekly dose of something motivational!

Make it a GREAT week!


Personality Traits and Integration

I’ve been working on the theme of whatever we hold within us we will attract into our external reality. I wanted to go as deep as possible and started an inventory of all my character and personality traits. 564 more words

I'd Like to Introduce You to My Censor

I asked a woman the other day what her ideal job would look like and she jumped completely over the question and introduced me to her “censor.” Without a moment’s hesitation, the “censor” gave an automated response, “But, I have financial obligations.” 89 more words



I’ve been in a horrible place since December 10, 2014. I’ve done my best to keep up a positive attitude and honestly I know all will turn out wonderful in some weird, unexpected way. 982 more words

Personal Growth

Get What You Want Now

Anyone I’ve ever seen get what they want shares this trait. Are you getting what you want? If not, this tip might help.


Small Business Tips