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People You Know: Busting the Taboo of Sharing Our Struggles

Right now, there are people in your life who have been hurt in ways that would make you sick inside to hear of it. I mean real people, not news stories (which are about real people, several degrees removed, and not breathing right next to you). 1,875 more words


Dwelling in the secret place

Today I was off of work on a vacation day. I knew I had tons to do this morning so I woke up with a mind that was ripping and running. 211 more words


Broken Cisterns.....

Sometimes I randomly open my bible to see where I land and look for God to speak to me through His word. I’ve been landing in the same section of Jeremiah lately. 274 more words


Going To Be

Had a great night last night.  Hung out with a wonderful friend and her daughter and had a blast.  It’s the little things in life that can make a huge difference in my mood.   210 more words

Take a Break

Sometimes life circumstances force you to take a break that you don’t want. You want to be in the thick of things, living a fulfilling life instead of laying around doing nothing but blogging, scrapbooking and reading tarot cards. 536 more words


Ignore the thorns and start smelling the roses

Why do we let so much of life pass us by, just focusing on the negatives and ignoring all the positive things around us? You can have one hundred wonderful things happening to you at once, but rather than basking in the glory of happiness (which we should do) we fixate on that one tiny thing in our life that is just not quite right. 183 more words


Tips for Building a Successful Life

I am an achiever who used to be afraid of success.

Sometimes I think that I was fearful to really explore what I was good at because in so doing, I would simultaneously find out what I was not good at, thus admitting to myself and others that I was not perfect. 429 more words