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Whine, Bitch, Moan or Be an Adult?

Here’s a little tip for the day:

As good as it feels to stomp your feet, shake your fist at the sky, howl at the the moon, bitch and moan, complain and be the world’s largest pain in the ass…you are still an adult and need to act that way. 317 more words


This Upcoming Change In Credit Scoring Might Give You A Boost

Credit scoring is an imperfect science. In essence, it’s about estimating how likely someone is to pay back money borrowed based on their history of doing so in the past. 235 more words


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Could this positively effect your credit score? What are your thoughts? Keep in mind, "Hang up your problems and move on to better." There's hope!

How to: Spend a Saturday Morning When Everyone is Asleep

There’s nothing like a self-help book to give you some encouraging cheer after a Friday night spent sober.

I don’t know what I’d be doing on early weekend mornings without these 3 speed reads. 166 more words

Early Mornings

List of Books I Read in 2013

With so many self improvement books to choose from, there are some which are truly life changing and opening a new perspective in life. In year 2013 I read more than 130 books and here are list of them, the one marked “-” on the front kf the title are the books I personally recommend for you to read. 828 more words

Self Help

Too Deep

Those of you who suffer from anxiety will know this all to well.  I tend to take things people say or do and analyze it to death.  341 more words

PMS Battle Continued

I’ve been doing all the things I mentioned last month for improving my PMS, and I have started seeing a homeopathic doctor. Technically she’s not a doctor, she’s is an acupuncturist who specializes in woman’s hormonal health. 429 more words


Fall In Love With Yourself

Many of us get caught up in the mist and the illusion of what love is and what it should give to us. One of the many great lessons I have learnt, and that I am still learning, is that the love you give to yourself is equal to the love you will receive from others. 270 more words