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When Good Things Happen to Bad People, …. Or Was It Vice-Versa?

Whoa…that’s not supposed to happen is it? Good things happening to bad people?

The largest problem that I see with the statement, let alone the actual happenstance, is with the judgment calls in both directions, and in determining who sits in the decision-making seat on any of it. 366 more words


Right back 'atcha

I was raised to chat people up. My dad was a fan of connection and passed on the gene.

Mom? Not so much. She was more reserved. 525 more words


Happy Being Miserable

I have spent a great deal of my life clinging to misery.  It seems like a counter productive act looking back, but I did it all the same.   212 more words

We can do It!

Manifesting our aspirations and dreams is one of our sole purposes of life. Unfortunately, a lot of us suffer with feelings of self-doubt and fear. Self -doubt and fear kills our dreams, stops our creativity and paralyses our future. 37 more words


My book Counterfeit Supergirl was written to help others and myself through this crazy and often difficult world which seems to offer us constant challenges. The book offers ideas on how to deal with changing your life, be it your career, your relationship, friendships or simply your own attitude. 169 more words


How Bio Oil Has Changed My Life!

Bio Oil promises to “help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone.” It claims to contain 100% natural ingredients and also to help the elasticity of the skin. 326 more words


Setting firm boundaries...

Recently, I finished a really good book called, Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend. 241 more words