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The Adventures of Carpet Man & Boy Remnant

Missed this radio show and podcast episode?

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I discussed the adventures we all face when we let people walk all over us? 43 more words


Teenage girls wax their bikini lines in teen sex shocker

Well, if that isn’t a Sunday Sport attention grabbing headline my name’s not Wendy.

While the following post makes many serious points, it also has some rude bits which may offend. 1,440 more words


Signs of Finally Growing Up

I’m not happy to admit this, but I was in my mid-40’s before I realized that my story was…

  1. Not unlike so very many others’ stories…
  2. 85 more words

The Power of Peace Group Meditation

This is will be a grass roots group meditation focusing on the power of peace. The current energy in the world is ever changing and transforming and we are currently witnessing the transformation of planetary consciousness as we evolve it is important that we harness the grounding power of peace. 67 more words


“I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something.”

-Edward Everett Hale

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

My lovely and talent sister, Nicole, challenged me to the ALS Ice Bucket Dunk.

I gladly accept and donate to a great cause. I hope all of this raises the necessary awareness. 60 more words



We’ve all been angry.  That overwhelming rage that can overcome our good decency.  We’ve all spat out hurtful words without thinking only to realize too late what we’ve said.  483 more words