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Another Park Bench

Please do not forget to take some time for you.

When we fill up our own tanks, we have more to give to others.  When we take care of ourselves, we can be much more productive.  144 more words


The Song of Grief

It starts off low
over time
Until it hits a peak
A crescendo and then falls again
Dripping willow in rain
Sloughed over… 78 more words


{Letters From Her} You Earned it ?!

Then BOOM! You’re smacked down to the ground. Tried squaring up with your dude and now you’re trying to press charges for a fight that you initiated! 396 more words


Ignore the thorns and start smelling the roses

Why do we let so much of life pass us by, just focusing on the negatives and ignoring all the positive things around us? You can have one hundred wonderful things happening to you at once, but rather than basking in the glory of happiness (which we should do) we fixate on that one tiny thing in our life that is just not quite right. 183 more words


R-E-S-P-E-C-T.... Find out what it means to me...

I was reminded recently by a senior Sensei that Martial Arts always start and always end with respect. Interestingly a few weeks prior an incident left me feeling disrespected and angry, but it wasn’t until I had a coaching session myself that I realised why something fairly insignificant gave me a dose of wanting to puch someone in the head (I didn’t I hasten to add!) 503 more words

Self Help

Our Power To Choose

It is in our power to choose the better, and likewise to choose the worse. . . . .The soul, when it cleaves to evil things, draws near to corporeal nature, … 56 more words