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What I want

I don’t want to be someone’s fantasy
I want to be their reality
I don’t want to be someone’s moment
I want to be their life time… 71 more words


Negative to Positive

Today expect everything. Let your mantra for the day be: I am everything
I deserve everything, I have everything. How we inoculate our minds from… 66 more words

Group Photo Reflection #1

The following are photos I’ve taken in different spots I’ve explored. What are your thoughts? Don’t try so much to define the contents, but aim to share the emotions they evoke in you. 17 more words

My Journey

Dear Inspired You,

Doesn’t it feel great to get inspired?! Sometimes it comes like this rushing wind and you can hardly keep up with it, other times you really have to fight and pull to get it going. 352 more words


E-Book Launch "Typewriter SOS: The DIY Guide to Fixing Common Problems with Manual Typewriters"

This essential 45 Page E-book has been made to help the sea of people who bought a typewriter from a charity shop and for some reason it has stopped working and the only people who know how to fix it are either retired, dead, or live really far away.If this is you, don’t worry help is here. 533 more words

Vantage – Side Truck

When I’m having trouble getting something done, I find it helpful to set it down for a while (no matter how much my time is constrained). 336 more words


How to Become a Total Bad Ass in Eight Easy Steps*

Everybody wants to be a bad ass.  No doubt about it.  However, sometimes the definition of “bad ass” can get a little cloudy.  As a self proclaimed bad ass motherfucker, I have made a short list of rules to follow for anyone who wants to be a total bad ass. 371 more words