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Playground Of Children

Repletion combined with contemplation is better than hunger combined with mortification, because contemplation is the battle-field of men, whereas mortification is the playground of children. -Hujwiri. 42 more words


A little self-help

I’ll admit it.  I’m on a diet and have been since November.  But not a diet like one you might imagine.  I am not restricting myself to 1200 calories (far too low for most people).  730 more words


Tales from the Vault

I’ve been logging lots of hours at the bar lately (working, not drinking, thankyouverymuch), and with that comes blessings in the form of hours of material for this here blog. 1,147 more words



It is not accidental that Hill begins with desire. Success always begins with desire.
Most people want to be successful. Wanting success is a waste of time. 5,763 more words

Self Help

Purpose in the Load

I’m reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo.  I only started yesterday and I could not put it down.  While the story is a simple one of a shepherd in search of a treasure in which he has dreamed, there are many valuable lessons embedded within the story from the very beginning. 520 more words

It's always the little things

Every now and then people get down in the dumps and that’s fine. Life’s a rollercoaster you know? For me personally, I start to get a bit down when I’m looking at the bigger picture. 235 more words

Chill Days