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Clear-That Fear (188)

Help is on the way-
Just look inside your inner voice today.


The Bridge

As the wind whirled through the rice fields and into the bushes along the path, I heard a powerful sound—like the roar of the ocean. The cold air bit into my chest and I briefly regretted not wearing warmer clothes; on the other hand, hot blood was pumping in my body as I jogged and I could feel I had the upper-hand. 322 more words

Self Help


From where do you draw you strength?

This is a question that recently dominated my thought process……..

There are many schools of thought out there that will espouse the virtues of the basis of personal strength. 633 more words


The silent morning

You feel peaceful when your morning are silent. Today has been one peaceful morning. It kinda help. In silence is when you actually speak to yourself. 246 more words

Self Help

Just Let the Gifs do the Talking.

Well hello blogging ladies!

Whenever I take a class and the professor never shares anything about their personal life the only thing I can do is wonder. 466 more words

New Blogger

I love you

If you see this… know it is not by chance.  Do I know you?  Maybe not.  The again, maybe I do.  It doesn’t matter, I still love you. 169 more words

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