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“When writing story of your life, Don’t let anyone else hold the Pen” – Anonymous

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Change your life in less than a minute

“59 seconds” by Professor Richard Wiseman (2009, non fiction)

Richard Wiseman is Britain’s only Professor for the Public Understanding of Psychology (at the University of Hertfordshire). 185 more words


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“Give as much as you can, but don’t allow yourself to be used. Listen to others closely, but don’t lose your own voice.”-Unknown


Ty Johnson-Anderson & Writing As Personal Therapy @invisible_soror #SelfHelp

If you had a superpower what would it be?

Well I sort of have one; I have vivid selective amnesia.

I literally block out mass amounts of time in my life; and most of it isn’t with pure intention in doing so. 717 more words

Guest Post

Rejection Sensitivity—Understanding What May Be Bringing Your Performance Down

Rejection sensitivity is a condition linked to depression.  Rejection may be perceived when it doesn’t actually exist.  The person suffering from it feels anxious and nervous about social and business interactions that could possibly result in rejection.   243 more words


Can't tie a tie? Yes you can.

Tying a tie is just a matter of chasing the rabbit through the hole, up the tree, around the… whatever just watch the video.


What Is Abundance?

Abundance is a state of mind.  It is not necessarily how much stuff we have – or how much money we have.

There are people who have very little, who gratefully feel abundant.  286 more words