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Spain part 2

2 – Mainly On a Plane

Having chosen an aisle seat in a plane means that I’m part of the last boarding group at gate 12, which to me is a double win. 7,103 more words


How 'NOT' to Cry at Work

(Advice Blog column from  Advisor/Internship Specialist Janet Matt). (Dealing with feelings in the workplace) (I do not own this blog post, I read it on LinkedIn and thought I share it with you guys) 1,096 more words


What is happiness?

Please share your answer. It doesn’t matter how long or short it may be. It is up to you. Your experience, your definition, your words.

"A world where understanding would be the norm..."

Have you ever watched a Ted Talk before?

Here’s a little story…I have. I was taking a particularly dreadful business class about a year ago and it was a requirement for us to watch two assigned Ted Talks each week. 467 more words


Losing Weight

Yesterday, I went into my #Crossfit Box and took my 3rd BodPod test (body composition) to see how my body has been responding to my workouts. 434 more words

It Isn't Your Job To Play Someone Else's God

If you’ve never asked yourself the following question(s), now may be a pretty solid time to do so:

How much of who I am, what I do, and what I choose is based on what I believe is “supposed to be”?

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Getting in the meditation zone

So I’ve recently decided to commit to meditating once a day, usually in the morning to set myself up for the day and do
whatever the voice guides me in to get me in the ‘right’ mind set…hmm?? 690 more words