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Why Do You Read the Bible?

“We can open our Bibles for all sorts of odd reasons—as a religious duty, an attempt to earn God’s favor, or thinking that it serves as a moral self-help guide, a manual of handy tips for effective religious lives. 210 more words


Taking the "Failure-brickroad" to Success

So,  I was not expecting the topic of “failure” or “setbacks” to be my first post but I came across this great video on MariaForleo.com… 335 more words

Dealing With Setbacks

New Wine Skins

I’ve up and left. I’m not coming back. I hated it there, now I want to be everywhere…in search of happiness.

Early this week, I decided to go away. 533 more words

Make No Excuse

We don’t need to make excuses for ourselves…..nor for what we suspect or feel is the right thing for us.  You don’t need to make excuses for why  you march to a different drummer or why your karma is one color while your best friend is another. 605 more words


Strike a First Impression like Don Draper (From January 2014)

Communication is a challenging skill, requiring dedication and practice to be best prepared for a variety of different scenarios. I sometimes think of it as a multi-dimensional see-saw, requiring a great amount of balance. 775 more words

Acupuncture and Cupping

For the past several months I have struggled with a dull ache near my left shoulder blade, upper back area. I’ve tried chiropractic care, massage therapy, and I got an x-ray just to be sure there was nothing serious happening in my body. 141 more words

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