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De-stress at Christmas rather than distress at Christmas.

Hello everyone, this blog post is one of those annoying “it’s Christmas so we must have a seasonal style post”. Well, sort of. And I really do hope it’s not that annoying too. 1,530 more words


Looking Forward

Here’s to a New Year. . . with all the same problems, habits, and pitfalls of the previous ones! Why do we always expect something different? 558 more words


No Matter What I Say, Just Remember: It's the Lack of Sleep Talking

I did sleep last night, honest. But there’s a difference between restful sleep and your body simply giving up because you’ve not slept in so long. 672 more words

Intersection 2: Poverty and Shame

I last published on this site in June, and it was part one of a series on Poverty. I had intended to publish the second part earlier, but I’ve been living with a little too much fear to address the topic. 1,269 more words

Babe is workin' her issues

My intention with this post was to prove how unsuccessful I would be to date again, considering all my issues. It was to illustrate how inadequate and undesirable I am.

570 more words
Bipolar Ride


I see a girl.

She has tired eyes and crooked teeth. Her smile is forced and slightly weak. Her bloodied lips glow from her pale complexion. 125 more words


A puppet’s life

Constantly being pulled by her mechanic’s eye
Her wooden limbs forced to be soft to wait on the smiles of her audience
Her eyes have to shine like a mirrors gleam… 129 more words