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In responding to a comment made by her husband, a Facebook friend responded that she didn’t “self-describe” as pretty or motherly.  That comment got me to thinking.  470 more words

Weight Gain and Self Esteem

Today I’m going to share a very personal experience with you that empowered me with a great learning. I reduced approximately 48.5 Pounds in 4 months as a result of strict diet and extensive workout. 612 more words


Prose: Conflicted

Feeling conflicted.

I seem to be only be posting bad things lately, like my life isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. It’s frustrating when I understand inside myself that I use this particular medium as a purge of emotion, but a lot of people I don’t see a lot read this to know how I’m going in everyday life. 635 more words

Not yourself

When you look
into a mirror
it is not
yourself you see,
but a kind
of apish error
posed in fearful

kool uoy nehW… 70 more words

Finding My Happiness

I haven’t been on this blog in such a long time. And I feel like I’m constantly apologizing to my readers for being away for so long. 486 more words



I saw a man sitting on the sidewalk with his back against a building.  He munched on a hotdog.  His shoes had no laces and holes in the toes.  157 more words

Single Girl FAQs

“Why are you still single?”  I get asked that question entirely too often.  It’s not really the question itself that’s bothersome.  Being single is not something that I’m ashamed of, and honestly, I don’t even think about it very often.  1,594 more words

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