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A Masterpiece - Part 2

God has created His masterpiece in all who are in Christ, as noted in my last post. In Ephesians 2:10 in the New Living Translation, we read: 545 more words


Handwriting Meme

This has been in my drafts long enough, so I had to update the original photo that came attached.

The Handwriting Meme is simple. Just write down your answers for the questions below on a piece of paper, take a photo, and upload. 39 more words


Creating My Life

I can’t help but Feel that there is a lot more to this business of holding an image than I have so far allowed myself to explore. 270 more words


Life changes.

Leaves are changing colours, and so am I! 

Today I started a 3 Month Challenge with my friend and colleague Anna.

Basically we want to improve our lives, which is something I am defiantly needing at the moment. 197 more words

3 Month Challenge

#ThrowbackWednesday -- "Sandwich Method On Myself"

Since I missed last Thursday’s throwback post (for a legitimate reason this time — it was the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah), I’m gonna post this today and pretend I’m trying to make #ThrowbackWednesday happen. 607 more words

Facebook Notes

Body Shaming and Impressionability

Slut shaming, rape culture, feminism- all of these are hot topics in today’s world, and they have damn well earned their place in society. The horrible truth remains that it is awful that our society is in need of these reminders of what is acceptable, appropriate and potentially harmful. 910 more words

Word Control.

How many times have you said something you wished you hadn’t? How many times have your words cost you something or someone? How many times has a word or phrase caused you hurt, confusion and pain? 613 more words