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How Much Can the Average Man Bench?

Somewhere recently I was either blogging or telling someone that at one time I was actually able to bench press 350 pounds (1 rep only, never tried again, and I need to find some documentation on this – you know how memory plays tricks I know I was at 315 once for sure).   424 more words

Working Out

Losing My Mac Virginity

I am not a beauty blogger, I have always been mediocre with doing my own make up and have never been one to plaster myself in foundation (well maybe fake tan at uni). 233 more words


How to improve your self image

Having a good self image is essential in life. And it is important to keep working on it. But how?

Here is one of the simple (and powerful) ways; 136 more words

Life Coaching

A Little Burrito of Healthy

It might be weird, but I oftentimes think about the large variety of self-image issues that are in the world.
In my 17 years of life and one mid-life crisis (joke), I’ve known a few people with eating disorders, more than I count with sadly unhealthy views of themselves, and every one of them is beautiful. 514 more words


This passage is dedicated to those who have a zest for life, a thirst of knowledge, a need to achieve, or a desire to excel.  It is presented in the belief that a striving, committed person can utilize the distilled wisdom presented herein and make a difference in his own life, as well as the lives of others.  381 more words

Season 5: The Constructive Era

Fallen Star

My title may be vastly more melodramatic than this topic deems necessary- but it doesn’t feel that way in experience.

Have you ever reached a point in your life where you realize you aren’t as amazing as you had grown up believing? 74 more words


The one with the gap in her teeth. . .

My name is Cristina and I am 22 years old and before I get to any of the really deep stuff, let me pause and take you back to the sixth grade. 592 more words

Front Teeth