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REJECTION. One insight.

Today I decided to put pen to paper to recall a very interesting (maybe) event and moments that occurred in 2007. Where to start ? It might be hard to bring all these to surface again, but I am pretty positive that something might come out of it. 1,367 more words

I Learned That It's Okay To Say NO!!!

I made a vow to myself in 2009 (when I changed my whole life and moved back to LA) that I would make decisions that benefited me and my well-being. 362 more words

Life Coaching

Let go and 'suffer'?

Mark’s Gospel chapter 10 verses 13 – 31

“Truly I tell you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will never enter it.” (verse 15)

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Stuck in Suffering

Don’t touch me no more
Your every touch
Gives me false hope
That you will love me again

My poor suffering soul
Undone it hounts… 28 more words


The Taker

I have always been a taker. It was the hallmark of my gypsy life. It’s not that I did this out of malice, but only the need to survive. 757 more words


The Fox and the Crow

A black crow saw some cheese.  He grabbed it and flew up to a tall tree.  A fox saw him and decided that he wanted the cheese for himself. 

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The Truth and All That

How Simply Being Positive Is Simply Being Foolish


I found the attached video on Seth’s Blog. It actually makes a point that applies to my previous 2Cellos post, and factors in to what will be the follow-up to that post. 103 more words