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Self Importance Syndrome....................

Today I was feeling super exhausted, no idea why as I’d not done anything different to usual. It’s probably the amount of energy taken up surviving another week in the rat race and not only am I surround by a fair few, I’m surrounded by ones with huge egos and the number of rats with such huge egos seems to be increasing fast. 119 more words


2078. The Battle over House Work — Part I: Who They Are

The different expectations and disputes over house work start with major, inborn, deep-rooted differences between men and women. I neither alibi nor justify on behalf of either sex. 601 more words

Dear Daughter

The Nagual Julian, The Black Mamba And The Sugar Mill

I have some stories to tell you about what my teacher, the nagual Julian, used to do to me.

I detested him with my entire being.

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Stopping The World

W-O-R-D of the day

Hubris:  H-U-B-R-I-S – Hubris

“Most politicians are so inflated by their own hubris, they cannot understand the needs of their communities.”

W-O-R-D Of The Day

What Adds To Your Worth?

The Holy Bible

As it is, we see that God has carefully placed each part of the body right where he wanted it.
But I also want you to think about how this keeps your significance from getting blown up into self-importance.

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Science and Religion

Two of the most hotly debated topics on this Earth and I am going to give my 100% subjective and 100% personal thoughts on both. 412 more words


The universe unconcerned

A bit about our petty crimes. Not about stealing or even robbing innocent or not so innocent souls. Not about embezzlements and bullying. Nothing like that. 322 more words