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7 Ways To Remember How Important You Are

Every once in a while, we all get down on ourselves. Something happens to trigger a bout with depression and feelings of inadequacy. Your parents forget to call you. 658 more words

We are not Perfect and We are Proud!!!

You are not perfect

Be glad about it

Because perfect is boring

We are humans not machines

So what you are fat

                             God has blessed you… 55 more words

By Daddy's Little Girl

the flame of pure seeing

22 July, 2014

The flame that burns abhinivesa and completely incinerates that sense of self-importance leaving no residue; then this flame of pure seeing burns without wavering.


Just a Sunday Afternoon

When I started this blog, I thought that I would fill it with meaningful things. Once a week, something profound would flow from me. I would tell stories about my endlessly interesting life. 156 more words


Political Theater

civil dialogue dies
barely noticed
underplayed dimly lit
without violins
her grim opening
death scene
a poor scripted trope
for the end of an era… 49 more words


We are More Important than the Asanas

OK, I’ll say it: before I did my teacher training I found Sanskrit a bit pretentious, but now I know the words and I enjoy it as they fall out of my mouth. 505 more words


A Shout to the Void

How do you find your unique purpose or God’s ultimate will for your life in a world populated with different ideals, different missions and visions, different identities in one person, different attitudes, virtues and characters, different cultures and traditions, different kinds of people. 437 more words