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The Sitar Diaries-Genesis&Evolution

The sitar is a string-instrument which is primarily played in Hindustani and Carnatic modes. It has strings made with steel and the sound is produced by striking at the strings while wearing an implement called a… 187 more words


Action IS the proper fruit of knowledge.

“Understanding and application make the difference in making your life what you want it to be not reading or memorizing. Information does not change us. It is what we do with the information that can transform us. 967 more words

Positive Thinking

I'm Graduating. Now What? - Matthew Fam

Are you in your early twenties and still deciding what you do with your life? While staying focused on a single ambition early on can give you a headstart among corporate ranks, there’s nothing wrong taking your time to decide which career is right for you. 855 more words

Material World

Building Brand Awareness For Business - Do you know how?

To build a brand awareness, first you’ll need information. Like if you’re a cat-seller, you’ll need to know the number of people who actually likes eating cats, right (that’s a joke. 260 more words


That Damn Material Visage

Day 1 of 30 Shredded Comfort

Also check out day 1 of 30 Uncomfortable Days (warning, apparently this fictionalized version of me is slightly racist; also there’s another picture of my teeth) 696 more words


"Don't Praise Me."

For a long, long time, I have been struggling with….let’s just say issues.  Anxiety, OCD, hypochondria, call it what you will, and as much progress as I make I was always feeling like there was still something wrong; like I hadn’t found the underlying problem.   1,656 more words