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The feel good post

Today I went running for the first time since January. Unlike many chronic illness sufferers, the heat doesn’t bother me that much. The cold, however, (and the wind and the rain) really does me in. 486 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

I Love My Job

Today is Saturday. One of my first Saturdays living at the CSC. Everyone is doing their own thing, homework and such, and I’ve had some time to meditate on my circumstances. 331 more words


Weekly Weigh In: Week 1

Ok, so this is my first weigh in.  Hopefully it’s all downhill from here.  (Pun intended)  I’m psyched and ready to get things rolling.  I’m sure I’ll run into some bumps here and there but I’m confident that I’ll reach my goals. 26 more words

Self Improvement

The life and mind of a perfectionist

When I was a young comic all I wanted to do is to go on stage for 5 minutes and make people laugh.  Then I thought, “Fuck that man, they better pay me.”  And then they started paying me and I went, “I am better than these cunts, I’m going to be a headliner” I became a headliner and then I went to the annual festival and did fucking that and then I went, “All right I better move to America to record my DVD.”  So I recorded my DVD in America, “Yeah that’s fucking right”, and now I want to be a movie star and you know what, I’m not a movie star and…

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24 Day Challenge Days 2-7

Okay, so I thought that posting every day would get boring, but then I realized that if anyone is actually reading this, they might want to know how I’m doing with the program. 161 more words


No Poo Day 4 = Failure

I washed on day 2 (Thursday) and I still noticed the different texture, though it didn’t feel quite so clean. After conditioning with ACV I noticed it did not have the same effect as the first time. 390 more words

Astrology August 23, 2014: Sun Enters Virgo, Mars and Uranus Align

“If you’re any good at all, you know you can be better.” Lindsay Buckingham


Motivational coach and speaker Tony Robbins says that one trait that all highly successful people have in common is that they’re always trying to “raise their standards” – always attempting to upgrade what they bring to their game. 479 more words

Moon In Leo