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Que Sera Sera

Today was not a good day. I did something that I am not proud of. I’m more frustrated because it wasn’t the first time I did something like that. 208 more words


Appreciation 2

Since this week is about the Body Life Area, and I also want to write about the things I appreciate as I approach the 500th post (the next one!), this article is going to be about my appreciation of sleeping and napping. 258 more words


[The]ory of [R]Evolution

ev·o·lu·tionˌevəlo͞SH(ə)n/ – noun: The gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

There are a lot of people in Christendom who are up in arms about this word, this topic, and its supposed implications on what the Bible says about the creation of the earth and the creatures who dwell upon it, including us humans. 896 more words

Streams Of Thought

How To Build A New Habit In 3 Easy Steps (And Make It Stick)

Are you a master of a skill?

Perhaps you’re fluent in a language. A Grade 8 pianist. Or a master craftsman in carpentry.

If you are, it’s not necessarily a result of your income, personal circumstances, upbringing or any other variable. 1,180 more words

#NoNothingNovember: I accept

Kid Strangelove has posed the #NoNothingNovember challenge to his readers and, being a capricious underachiever who desires to improve, I’ve decided to accept. I’m probably older and lead a much different lifestyle than most manospherians who are taking this up but hey, anyone of any age from any walk of life can improve themselves. 358 more words


The Circle

We live in circles, we cast them and we sit in them. Our lives are a never ending circle of birth and death from our own being to our experiences. 253 more words