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Do You Want to Reach the Next Level?

It has been awhile since I’ve posted anything new but there were good reasons. I’ve been doing a great deal of research and analysis about what it would take to achieve a higher level of self improvement. 317 more words

Self Improvement

Message For the Day..." Never Use Harsh Words...Do Not Humiliate others..."

Naxalites (terrorists) are not merely the people who hold guns and pistols. Anyone who hurts others in thoughts, words and deeds is a naxalite. Three important things that all of you must pay attention to are your thoughts, words and deeds. 122 more words

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Minimalist Mind Part II: Setting Intention

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about sorting through one’s mind’s clutter. One way to the minimalist mind is to pick up each and every item within our head, and decide whether or not it’s necessary to keep. 629 more words


The Power of Knowing Yourself (Moving Abroad)


Well, this got interesting quickly…

If there is any question that knowing yourself can have a profound impact on your life, my own exercise of outlining my 24 ideal qualities has propelled me to drastic action: moving to Vietnam.


Stranger with Candy

Day 3 of Shredded Comfort

Also check out alternate Jesse give out what I first considered giving out. Hint: it definitely aint candy.

Talking to strangers is one of those things I am both very comfortable and very nervous about. 977 more words


The Angel of Protection

Since I am now probably the only person you know who has ever wandered around a small suburb giving away condoms to strangers, I think I qualify as an expert in the subject. 308 more words


The Dangers of saying "I Don't Care"

“Screw it, I don’t care!” Sound familiar? We’ve all said it, or thought it, at one time or another. Whether it was about a person or a situation, it comes out of our mouths and into our thoughts very easily. 675 more words

Self Improvement