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The Deal With the Hat

I give presentations on really complex topics, as a rule, and while I try to simplify it as much as possible, I fail to believe, as happened the other day at a user conference, that no one had a single question about inbound recruiting. 1,129 more words


500th Post Retrospective

It’s been a long time since I started this blog. My first post was on May 4, 2011. Since then, I have written 499 posts, mostly economics, but some about video games, politics, culture, roleplaying, or whatever else strikes my fancy. 255 more words

Self Indulgent

Shady Characters: The Performance Art of HR

For those of you who didn’t sink tens of thousands of dollars into an ultimately worthless liberal arts degree or aren’t fans of the performing arts genres of the late Renaissance (for $500, Alec), you might not have heard of Commedia Dell’Arte: literally, “The Comedy of the Profession.” 899 more words



its hard to sit still, its hard to concentrate, how much of this am i making up, how much of this is real? I’m talking fast my mind is whirring my fingers can’t keep up the world can’t keep up people aren’t replying to my texts or my messages social media fails me it just makes me feel anxious why can’t i get that many likes on a post why can’t i take such nice photos why did i get instagram again why is the world pushing me in this direction i can’t just do things for myself why can’t i just do things for myself why can’t i stay happy for my boyfriend i can’t keep doing this to him anymore its not fair its taking too much of a toll on him… 85 more words


Jess on Broadway- Perfect Crime by Warren Manzi (Snapple Theatre Centre)

I always thought off- Broadway was cooler than Broadway, a bit quirkier and more gritty things showing but sadly my first experience of an off-broadway show “Perfect Crime” was properly one of the worst plays I’ve ever seen and my list of bad plays includes a play where there was a really horrific tap number with the company dressed as different types of cheeses (not even funny bad, just bad)…I think “Perfect crime” was maybe worse… 532 more words


Internet Troubles

As usual, when something is obstructing me from blogging, I like to let my readers know what’s going on. Over the last week, my internet access at home has been totally out of service. 55 more words


The art of slowing down...

At college, I was a natural at keeping things slow. I woke up to glorious sunrises and went for long,  slow walks to watch the sunset… 284 more words