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Gorgeous Creature or Godless Monster?

I wrote the following sometime between February 2000 and March 2001 when I was a less mature Christian. I had one of those jobs you read about in books or see on TV, exc… 332 more words

Dear Lord

Food for Fuel--Getting Back on Track

I feel a bit off and wonder if it could be because I have drifted a bit from the eat-to-live focus.  I’ve dabbled in the non-vegan world :)  and I’ve also  included two or three slices of bread each day.  92 more words


Blog News

When my run of posting starts to become rather thin, I think I owe readers an explanation as to what is going on and when they can expect things to return to normal. 130 more words



I would like to be

Somebody like me

but different

Somebody calm

hiding underneath

not tearing at my peace

appearing like a friend

showing me the way… 23 more words

Poetry Of Sorts


While you chose to worry about a few gray strands in your hair, somewhere in the world a river is slowly graying itself to death : filled with filth from your homes and from our souls; 97 more words


sentences to prove my wankery

Men create whores and then spit on their own creations.

No wonder, the complex of my existence by day rings true, you only believe in me at night. 19 more words

Pranks, Punks and Punishment

                Tomorrow is every teenage boy, and formerly my, favorite day of the year, April Fool’s Day. I can only imagine the immature minds that have been racing with ideas ranging from elaborate swimming pools filled with goldfish to the classic “calling your parents from jail” phone pranks for the past two weeks. 1,864 more words