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Olly, Olly, Oxen Free!

Imagine having nothing to look forward to,
Random images called the past, fading, gone.
Imagine the speechlessness,
Of finding this here, without a word to name it. 31 more words


Who are you beyond who you think you are?

Who are you beyond who you think you are?.

Brilliant rendition of the paradoxes inherent in how we typically think of ourselves.
Saunsea really shows the problems inherent in any form of answer to the question “Who am I?” that involves an answer. 327 more words


Astrological Insights ~ Jyotish Style: April 13 to May 14

Today marks the beginning of the Vedic month of Vaisakha which is when the Sun (Surya) is seen to be living in Aries (Mesha). From now until mid May is a good time to focus on strengthening your will power and concentration. 448 more words

Astrology Tips

Nothing Separate; A Visual Pointer

You’ve heard the words “hiding in plain sight?” All around us is the obvious, only overlooked. Somehow, we manage to pay more attention to all the pain and suffering, in favor of the wonder, the intelligence, the… 35 more words


Meditation Class on Thursdays - almost over!

I only have two more Thursdays teaching at the Waikiki Community Center before leaving Hawaii! Hope to see you there. :)


Know Your Bones!

Have you ever sat in a Yoga class, or really any type of exercise setting, and wondered why you weren’t as¬†flexible¬†as the other people around you? 811 more words