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Tears Gently Falling - Osho

Tears gently falling in rivers down my face… Just so tired of trying, struggling, fighting to be what I think I should be in order to get what I think I need. 600 more words


Witnessing - Nisargadatta Maharaj

Questioner: I am full of desires and want them fulfilled. How am I to get what I want?

Maharaj: Do you deserve what you desire? 870 more words


Who is the Observer, Who is the Observed - Osho

Watching the energy changes that are constantly happening in me, suddenly the question arises: What is that which is watching and what sense is it different from the observed energy? 1,232 more words


Face the Fears in the Depths

Life has been poking at me in the past few weeks. I’ve gone underground in many ways to ask myself some tough questions to get to the truth beneath my false, and very much limiting, beliefs. 192 more words

Spiritual Healing

Taking a stand as awareness


Kyle:  I will get to the point and open with a statement of ignorance. I now realize The Self through indirect knowledge and need to understand why I seem to be ‘stuck with this perspective.’ I know I can’t force knowledge of the Self but I feel as though I am missing something. 655 more words


What is Surrender? - Osho

What is surrender? I used to think I knew. Now it is a mystery.

Prem Prabhat, the false knowledge de-mystifies existence; the true knowledge re-mystifies it. 4,422 more words