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An atheist explains the real consequences of adopting an atheistic worldview

If you love to listen to the Cold Case Christianity podcast, as I do, then you know that in a recent episode, J. Warner Wallace mentioned a blog post on an atheistic blog that clearly delineated the implications of an atheistic worldview. 1,214 more words


What might our response to Ebola have to say about what it means to love our neighbours?

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the biblical principle of loving your neighbour and whether I really understand it properly, let alone put it into practice consistently. 845 more words


Statistics on whether atheists are more moral than religious people

Well, let’s take a look at the numbers with this article by Arthur Brooks, published by the Hoover Institute at Stanford University.


How do religious and secular people vary in their charitable behavior?

1,468 more words

A Warm and Stormy Christmas

The date for departure speedily arrived, finding me unprepared in many ways, and with that mixture of excitement and anxiety that follows a heartfelt gamble. 609 more words

Choosing Your Story

On Acting Out Of Self-Interest

“We are all ultimately acting out of self-interest, even if we love others and care for them.” Is love and care for others ultimately a matter of self-interest? 1,038 more words


Culling Down, Cleaning Up & Kitsch

I’ve had more stuff going out the past few days, things I’ve sold or donated mostly, which is good. I’ve got more staged to go to the antique store today as well. 513 more words

Making Home