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Does brain imagining predict honesty?

Making The Choice Between Honesty & Self-Interest

Scientists say they have found a part of the brain that helps us decide to be honest, even when telling a lie is more beneficial. 124 more words

Behavioral Economics

The Last Bribe

This is one of those posts that got shelved (you’ll find the original early incarnation here) but gets a new lease of life because something new happens in the referendum debate or more usually the No campaign resurrect a scare story in the hope that the positive case for the union will miraculously burst out of it like a stripper from a cake. 949 more words


Why appeasement doesn’t work: Sainsbury’s and kosher foods

Pro-Palestinian, pro-Hamas protestors recently gathered outside a London store of Sainsbury’s, a British supermarket chain, apparently demanding the removal of any Israeli products. The store manager decided that the best way to avoid a conflict and to protect company property was to clear all products from the kosher food section. 697 more words


Ain't Nobody Sees the Sarah, No Way, No How!

The jokes were already floating around the office:

What’s the difference among Elvis, Bigfoot, and Sarah?  You occasionally get a sighting of Elvis and Bigfoot. 678 more words


No Unified Method

Self interest is probably the one unifying glue that knits us into a common group. It just like how Jesus is the unifying glue that knits the assorted sects of Protestants and Catholics into the common group of Christianity. 486 more words

Sith Teachings

Good Advice...for Everyone Else

There was a hard and fast rule in Sarah’s mind for any event that her group hosted.  If there were prizes raffled off, her staff could not enter the drawings.  572 more words


Issues - Self Interest

Self Interest

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G’day! Welcome to Partake Ministries and our current series, Issues. Today we are going to look together at self-interest. 1,477 more words