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Day 755: Binge Watching

If you’ve been binge watching this blog, you know that I like to define my terms.


verb (used with object)
1. to watch (multiple videos, episodes of a TV show, etc.) in one sitting or over a short period of time:

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Personal Growth

(Miscellaneous) 18th Century Writing Assignment (L55)

1.) What does Adam Smith mean by the “invisible hand”?

When Adam Smith spoke of the “invisible hand” he was referring to two questions; the moral acceptability of self interest, and the possibility of society without self interest. 242 more words

Western Civilization II

The 'enlightened self-interest' of using the local bookshop

My definition of ‘enlightened self-interest’ is letting the other person out of the telephone kiosk so that you can get in. Some people think it is the only reason why anyone does anything that looks unselfish or altruistic. 697 more words


Speech in France is not so free as Section 18C critics would have it

French comedian Dieudonné has just been charged as an ‘apologist for terrorism’ for his Facebook posting ‘Je me sens Charlie Coulibaly’ (I feel I am Charlie Coulibaly) 1,001 more words

Andrew Bolt

The Psychology (and Politics) of Global Warming

Global warming is perhaps one of the most fractious issues of the 21st century.   While most scientists who have reviewed the data believe that it is real the issue continues to generate controversy. 1,277 more words

Psychology - Public Policy

Electoral Hypocrisy (part 1 of goodness knows)

Will the TV companies “empty chair” the Prime Minister? Will the Greens be subject to the pressure of the leaders’ debates? Will they even take place? 248 more words

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A lesson from Galcon.

The player who thinks of nothing but themselves is the one least able to secure their own interests.