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Morality is Bullshit.

Let’s get one thing out of the way right now.  Morality is total, utter bullshit.  Feeling scandalized?  How could I care about others and not believe in morality?  687 more words


Good Advice...for Everyone Else

There was a hard and fast rule in Sarah’s mind for any event that her group hosted.  If there were prizes raffled off, her staff could not enter the drawings.  572 more words


Issues - Self Interest

Self Interest

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G’day! Welcome to Partake Ministries and our current series, Issues. Today we are going to look together at self-interest. 1,477 more words


Co-ops in popular culture #1: The Wire

The ways that co-ops are represented in TV, film, books and the media play a fundamental role in shaping how people view them. So, this is the start of a series of occasional blogs on co-ops in popular culture, based on… 666 more words

Imagination isn't enough

Mike Munger makes a great point in Unicorn Governance:

Then I realized that they want a kind of unicorn, a State that has the properties, motivations, knowledge, and abilities that they can imagine for it.

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Thanks! Now Let Me Kick You in the Teeth!

All in all, Val accepted the news rather well.  She had been told that her job function at a branch office was being transferred to someone at the central office, so her services to the company wasn’t going to be necessary anymore.  484 more words


Movie Review: Inbetweeners 2- Friends To Avoid!!!

The second movie of the hit Channel 4 comedy, the Inbetweeners hit cinema screens this past week. The hit comedy based around four adolescent youths, as they come towards the end of their school life. 562 more words