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Neutrality Is No Friend Of Mine

What standards could a person possibly be held accountable to if they felt no sense of loss or gain by their choices?

I don’t trust the person who merely believes in doing the right thing. 84 more words

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Incentives & Integrity

The existence of an incentive is not evidence of duplicity, it’s evidence of humanity.

Zig Ziglar was fond of saying, “everything is sales.” What he meant was that all human interaction was driven by the desire to influence one another’s behavior in an effort to acquire some form of personal gain. 450 more words

TK's Two Cents

On the Nature of Good (and Bad and Evil)

What is “good”?  Philosophers have argued over the question for millennia.  They disagree upon both the definition of good and which examples are good.  If they agreed upon the definition, then we could start to sort out which examples were good.  1,005 more words

Science Of Morality

The Other Human Nature

We always talk about human nature like it’s a bad thing. It’s always involved with lust, greed, violence, envy, etc.

But is everything about people bad? 728 more words

a problem over there

This is our domain. We define each event in a uniquely personal way, particular to us alone, and have an immediate, visceral, instinctually emotional response to it. 187 more words


Solar: Self Interest in Alternative Energy?

If an alien arrived on earth and saw all this sunlight, he’d be amazed to hear that we think we’ve got an energy problem. (30) 1,713 more words

Energy Resources