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Social Blog 8 ~ Student Volunteering - Self-interest or Altruism? (2012)

At University we regularly receive emails of ways to get involved with volunteering or applications for internships with the advice that these are great opportunities to enhance our C.Vs!  376 more words

Social Psychology

No Will be Forever Too

As was noted in the excellent article in Bella Caledonia last week by, while a Yes vote has the obvious effect of dissolving the union between the Scottish and English parliaments and thus finally rendering the United Kingdom obsolete, a No vote is also a choice with consequences. 1,660 more words


Clawing Back?

Having spent yesterday watching Westminster play the UKIP game of who hates foreigners more (post in the pipeline once I check some stats), the Bank Of England is now going after a slightly more universally popular target, bankers. 1,195 more words


"The Degradation of a Nation," Or, "That's Not How I See It At All"

Name and Place for July 29 (’14)

Last week, we posted a quote from David Wells’ God in the WhirlwindLike his other writings, this book is so good we’re going… 401 more words

Name And Place

I wrote a book!

It is currently being edited. I can’t edit this one myself. It’s my memoir. Okay, so what will happen here is likely that I’ll erase almost all the previous entries, as the stuff is covered, or most of it is, in the book. 80 more words


The Philosophical Method of the Americans

I think that in no country in the civilized world is there less interest in philosophy than in the United States.

The Americans have no philosophical school of their own, and they worry very little about all those that divide Europe; they hardly know their names. 670 more words


Judge Big Brothers' Actions Not His Words

David Benn was all across our press this weekend. Whether it was supposedly left-wing commentators to the supposedly equally left-wing Daily Record, it was decided it was important to pump out the message that David’s big brother Tony Benn, was against Scottish independence. 1,303 more words