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Your Yoga Isn't Working

“Your yoga isn’t working!” bellowed Tommy across the house while I melodramatically rampaged through the house preparing myself and the kids to leave.   I was hosting an epic pity party (the kind with VIP and bottle service).   685 more words


My Amazing Body

[Warning: This post is full of stuff about woman parts, birth control and menstruation references. If you're not cool with vaginas and the fact that they are just another organ which can do stuff like bleed, then stop reading here. 841 more words

Self Love

17 things I've learnt in 17 years

Amongst my many years, I’ve learnt a thing or two about life (who are we kidding, I’m an expert!) So I thought I’d impart to you some of my knowledge and hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two! 345 more words

Self Love

Inner Critic


Big thick, dark and angry tentacles growing out of your mind.

whipping you in the face, trying to reach your neck so they can stop you from living. 438 more words

Responding to Break-Ups with Love

Two mornings ago, my fiance (who also lives with me) broke up with me. What’s a Peace-Love-Joy Goddess to do? It wasn’t very surprising actually, as things have been going downhill for some time now, and an ending felt inevitable. 1,541 more words


Inspired: Yoga for EVERYBODY!

So in the last couple of months I have been engaging in some serious Instagram time. In the last couple of weeks I have been engaging in some seriousl Instagram community building. 448 more words