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The End of An Era

So after a long history (of 3 days), this blog’s time as The Transitioning Tip has come to an end. Why? Well, as I continue to brainstorm posts and topics to write about, I’m realizing that they don’t exactly fit into the title. 88 more words


What Is This Feeling?

I’ve been sitting on the idea of creating a blog for a few years now, so when I finally came up with a concept that I liked, I was thrilled to get started. 240 more words


This Is Your Real Life

Being in an insulated (isolated) environment where someone is basically preparing all of your food for you makes eating healthily dead easy. After my week-long raw fast retreat where I experienced exactly this, I am feeling the challenges of reintegrating into real life. 581 more words

Self Care

Powerful Beyond Measure

In December 2008, I decided to go natural.

I was a freshman in high school, just discovering who I wanted to be, and it seemed like the right time to start making my own choices. 85 more words


Love Your Tree: Why Shaming Your Body Will Never Lead to a Healthy Body

This blog post is for men and women, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, daughters and sons, husbands and wives, lovers and friends (cue R&B throwback). 1,411 more words


You Got a Friend in Me!

I read somewhere recently that, “Getting to know someone is one of life’s greatest challenges and pleasures.” This is as true as any statement I can think of. 594 more words


Competing with Your Former Self

I love, love, love this Teddy Roosevelt quote so much. I frequently think of it when I find myself caught in a comparison trap. It’s splashed all over Pinterest, and that’s because it’s so true. 1,156 more words