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Do More Than Just Survive Your Holidays: Thrive!

I love the holidays and actually want to be sure that I enjoy them. Here’s my take on how to enjoy as well as be healthy(er) during the holidays. No dieting nor deprivation necessary!

Self Care

Then There Were None

I write this post with my dog in my lap. She is no little dog, but she is in fact, a big baby. She’s my cuddle lovey. 350 more words


Tiger Stripes

Cellulite. The most recent reason for me to cringe in the mirror. I hate how it makes me feel about my body and myself. But why is it that this condition that… 217 more words


I AM. Mind Over Matter

~By Nicole Thomas
You can have anything that your mind creates.
Every human being is equally powerful in their creation to shape external and internal worlds. 342 more words

Positive Thinking

Soul Singing Self-Love

“A strong positive self-image is the best possible preparation for a successful life”  - Dr Joyce Brothers

So I have just given myself 31 days of ultimate self-love and can honestly say I feel pretty darn good. 543 more words

Body & Soul

Take the Compliment

Okay so how many of you have been given a compliment and denied its validity straight away? Did the classic, oh no you’re just trying to be nice? 174 more words


All connected. Feeling disconnected!!

~By Nicole Thomas~
Lately I’ve been feeling off!!
Not completely within myself.
As through meditation and restoring self love, my inner balance has been strengthening. 80 more words

Positive Thinking