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Love Your Freaky Self

When was the last time you said to yourself, “I love you“?

If you can’t remember, do it now. 

Be aware of how you feel after saying this to yourself. 809 more words


There is A Pond, In the middle of the forest...

Monday afternoon came along and I was here reading some of the blogs I love and came across a post from stuffmybrainthinks she posted a link to Oprah and Deepak’s Meditation Experience. 423 more words


Easter will be tough to keep the weight loss focus

This will be the first Easter I have tried to keep focused on eating.  Lets be specific, it’s all about NOT eating chocolate. Not eating a LOT of chocolate, way more than the kids. 216 more words

Weight Loss

Be excellent to each other ... and yourself

A few weeks ago I watched Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure with my kids.  Part of my desire to expose my kids to all the 80s cheesiness that I possibly can.   293 more words



During an intimate conversation with a girlfriend of mine. She revealed to me that she had been raped before. And she quickly added that it was a secret and I should keep it to myself. 3,207 more words



Well GOOD NEWS about my back… after my second round of acupuncture yesterday, today I woke up to an almost normal feeling back. I had my first round on Thursday & the physio warned I’d probably feel worse before I felt better…and I did. 211 more words


Putting Yourself First: Learning When to Let Go

Why am I categorizing this post under “Fitness”?
Because your physical fitness is influenced by not just your physical state, but also your mental and emotional… 861 more words