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Take the Compliment

Okay so how many of you have been given a compliment and denied its validity straight away? Did the classic, oh no you’re just trying to be nice? 174 more words


All connected. Feeling disconnected!!

~By Nicole Thomas~
Lately I’ve been feeling off!!
Not completely within myself.
As through meditation and restoring self love, my inner balance has been strengthening. 80 more words

Positive Thinking

Part 1: Keeping my Sobriety midst losing a child.

Those that are local, closest to me, know that my fiancé and I were expecting last Spring.  It was a total surprise.  After having a serious scare with a Mirena device having to be removed due to complications it was causing with my lady parts, I was told that my chances of getting pregnant were slim to none.  778 more words


Happy Hump Day, to the coffee barista ❤️

As I write this,  I am sitting at a Waves café, sipping on a foamy soy vanilla latte. My daughters are at school. I have about an hour and a half left before I have to pick up my youngest. 270 more words

Self Love

Exams, Changing Degrees and Rain.

So today isn’t really going to be a deep post. It might not even have a point. And if you don’t really like those kind of posts from me, feel free to click that little red ‘x’ in the left hand corner (or right, if you’re using *ugh* windows). 292 more words

Self Love

You are beautiful

You are beautiful.

Never forget to tell yourself every day how beautiful you are. Take note of the smooth curve of your lips, the softness in the small of your back, the beauty that you emulate just by being “you” and finding comfort in yourself. 375 more words


Honor Half Marathon Y'all 11/15/2014

It’s been a long 5 weeks in my world.

I changed jobs, and had a huge emotional shift regarding that upheaval. Great news is that I love, love, love my new job. 644 more words

Self Love