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"I Hope You Haven't Forgotten"

One of the few things I remember clearly through the haze of the time right after I lost Pumpkin Seed (that’s the affectionate nickname we came up with after finding out we would be due in October) are the things people said to me. 649 more words


Love yourself, think positively and read into popular quotes.

In the olden days of social networking (see: about 2 years ago, possibly 1), Facebook profiles had a more simplistic design. Beneath the mandatory ‘Basic Info’ request, users were able to list their favourite quotes so everybody could see the ideas that captivate you and who inspired you to be your ‘best self’. 340 more words


When you're no longer a victim.............

in a bad relationship/ friendship or situation. It comes a time where you stop being a victim of abuse, disrespect and mistreatment and happily or not so happliy become a willing, participating volunteer. 250 more words


African Hairdressers and the Axes of Evil

I am officially ready to embrace the cold, folks. Black girls, you know what this means. For everyone else, loose translation: my winter hair has arrived! 446 more words

Self Love


So as the year comes to a close, Love as I Have Loved has only just started and I can’t wait to see where it can go! 91 more words


The Road to Hell (and Ulcers and Debt) is Paved With Chronic People Pleasing

Well, one (not the only one) road to hell is paved with chronic people pleasing. I’ve written about compulsive yes – ing (here and… 437 more words


Having Faith ... never give up ♥

Sometimes in life it takes something major to give us a shift in paradigm and to make us realize how far we have come.

I have had one of those moments recently and I have come to realize that having faith that things will turn out and believing in myself are the best things I can do. 173 more words