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A letter to my 23/24 year old self (I hope)

Dear Zoe, wherever you are in the world, 6 years from writing this, I hope you at least reached New York. You’ve wanted to be there since you knew that such a place existed. 505 more words

Why diets and exercise aren't the solution

I see it all the time… people eating a ‘healthy’ (my definition differs from the norm) diet and exercising every day but not losing weight! And people getting psyched to start exercising and changing their diet to lose weight but injure themselves or get sick (include thyroid problems and the likes here) and then get stuck in that pattern so that they never actually get to start exercising or change their diet. 585 more words

Be Free Shine

Random thoughts..

Random thoughts inspired by watching Jennifer Hudson on OWN..Oprah asked her if she was sexier at size 6 than she was at size 16 and she said she was cute even at size 16..So my question is if no one told you how to be , would you be so hard on yourself? 388 more words

Living With Cancer


So I may not be meditating everyday or even once a week, but somehow I am off my meds. When my husband admitted me again because he “didn’t know what to do” and I was “out of his boundaries” with the help I needed he sent me away to the hospital. 433 more words

Learning To Love Yourself

Growing up I was never the prettiest thing. Rather than growing into my beauty and myself it seemed I was becoming uglier and more awkward by the minute. 498 more words


She's in a committed relationship with herself

She’s into a committed relationship with herself and her world.

She’s committing to herself before she is committing to anyone else. Happily, that itself is sorting out a lot of things in her life. 251 more words



No filter (left)//Filter (middle)//Filter+Enhanced (right)

Featured above is a picture I took of myself yesterday. The unfiltered picture doesn’t even look bad, but I posted the edited one because well… It just looked like a better version of me. 927 more words