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New Moon in Leo

Happy New Moon gorgeous stars!! How are you spending your day?

Today’s New Moon is in Leo and is a great time to do all things firey. 79 more words

Self Love

Washing and Ovens and Books, Oh My!

Felt a lot better this morning than I did yesterday after drinking several litres of water and getting ten hours sleep (a near-miracle amount for me!). 239 more words

Round peg, Square Hole

She’s a mess. A hot mess. A hot, crazy mess.

A hot, sleepless, thinking all the time, always starting projects, crazy MESS. Yes, she has flaws…plenty. 239 more words

Fixing women and exorcism (Hey! That sort of rhymes!)

Back in the day I went to a church where women couldn’t cut their hair (and straight was preferred if yours was of the kinky/tightly curled variety.)  We weren’t allowed to wear pants in the church and little or no make up as well.   306 more words


Osho: A Course In Meditation - Day 5

Day 5 – Love and Meditation Should Go Hand in Hand

Thought for the day: I ground my love through daily meditation

Daily Quote:
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Why self-love should be everybody's first romance

self-love is the very first romance.

- Akua Naru (German-American poet/rapper)

This quote is that thing that drives me crazy sometimes. It’s something I want to feel and sometimes do.

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Anastasia and I were roommates for only a few months, but a close friendship grew from sharing about our food and weight issues. We breached a huge taboo by admitting that we both turned compulsively to food when we felt overwhelmed by the stress in our lives, and that authenticity created an instant bond between us. 1,089 more words

Body Image