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What's in a NAME: A-to-Z Blog Challenge

Today, I love my last name and the strong, beautiful, wonderful Bacons who have graced my family.

As a kid, I loathed BACON: the food and my last name. 240 more words


The Squats are back !

And in manners !

And to make sure I really get to 100, I bought myself this :

Ready to rock the squats, people ? 8 more words


A Little Loving

We are most productive when we love ourselves. Think about it: every time we think to ourselves, “I’m soooo fat (when you’re really average or skinny)” is another outfit change and another day you are late to work. 72 more words

How To Exercise Without Exercising

I don’t work out. You know this based on my posts like THIS. & because I just wrote a column defending the muffin top. 453 more words

5 reasons why he's not worth it.

Heartache is a horrible thing, especially when deep down we know that we did everything we could have done to try and save a relationship, but still it fell apart because of the struggle and differences or perhaps he gave up. 765 more words


on wildness & self love & spirituality.

I’m sitting at Whole Foods Market in Kahului and I got to thinking about wildness. Humanity has a tendency to view ourselves as separate from nature. 513 more words

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