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The Inner State of Dignity

Sound judgement about what is right and what you need
to do is based on your system of values.

It is only when you are standing on the foundation of your… 235 more words

Self Management

The Power of Awareness

So often I hear people say, ‘This is difficult.’ However, I say: remove this word ‘difficult’ from your vocabulary.

It is possible for human beings to do whatever they want. 61 more words

Self Management

How can I overcome feelings of hopelessness?

Nowadays people say that there is nothing but corruption and evil in the world. But how did we reach this state?

And who will set it right if not we humans? 278 more words

Self Management

What is the influence of God on our thoughts?

There is a lot of light coming to us from God;
a light which is not of a physical nature.

It is spiritual light, as an ‘enlightenment’. 186 more words

Self Management

How can the mind be linked to God?

To begin with, understand that the mind
is not the only faculty of the soul.

Another faculty is the ‘buddhi’ which, roughly translated, can be… 293 more words

Self Management

Renouncing Arrogance

By placing you on the same wavelength,
humility allows you to develop
a very good relationship with God,

Humility allows you to take
love, peace and happiness from God. 39 more words

Self Management

Arrogance - Loss in Relationship

If your service is based on ego,
you won’t be able to take help from God.
Without God, you feel alone.
Alone, you can’t do anything. 17 more words

Self Management