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Test Success and Fundamentals Success @ Reynolds Library Online

Both of the titles I recommended at the nursing orientation are available in older editions as ebooks through the Reynolds library website. See permalinks below. (Note: If you access these books off-campus, you will need to enter your MyReynolds login information.)

Learning Skills & Habits

Repost: The Nursing Student Journey | YouTube

Nursing school? These vloggers have been through it. Check out their videos to become acquainted with some of the challenges and triumphs of being a student nurse.

Learning Skills & Habits

two words

as atoms are to the physical world, so words are to we humans;

words pack (contain) such essence, the means by which we express… 618 more words

Bonum Publicum

I squirm when I hear the words “Time Management.”  I know many people who love managing their calendar and time with the utmost efficiency and they are wired to do so with ease.  525 more words