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More about self trust

Someone I mentor said “I trust myself. I just don’t trust anyone else.”

I know enough about him to simply look at him and say: routinely suspecting the worst from others simply because they’re not just like you or unlike your preferred version of them stems from lack of self trust. 77 more words

Exam stress and self-management foibles

I know every other student experiences exam stress, but its commonality does not make it any less crippling. The anxiety (mental preoccupation, distraction and inattention, motivational deficits) and physical manifestations of this stress (insomnia, tense muscles, clenched jaw, nausea, elevated heart rate, shallower breath, etc.) have a big impact on my health, and as a person with disabilities, my threshold for tolerating these conditions is lower than your average bear. 399 more words

The Evolving Patient-Doctor Relationship

Medicine is a calling. For dedicated physicians, our responsibility to our patients, profession and society extend beyond regular working hours and occupy our minds outside of both hospital and clinic. 532 more words

Healthy Living

What's Your Carrot?

“Dangling a carrot in front of a donkey—or anyone else for that matter—is not nice, and not fair, unless you eventually plan to give it up to them.”

390 more words
Coping Skills

Your life is a lot like the Grand Canyon.

I speak for a variety of audiences and last week I told a speaker friend, Marian Madonia, that I like to talk about The Grand Canyon in my keynote presentations because 1) even if people haven’t been to The Grand Canyon, they quickly relate to its enormous size, and 2) I love to hike and float through The Grand Canyon myself (as you know from the things we’ve discussed in this blog). 553 more words

Time Management/Self-management

Kill the Lions and Build the Bridge:

Why the movie “The Ghost and the Darkness” reminds me a tough boss?

For those who haven’t watched here is a little glimpse.

In 1896, a construction engineer from the British Army, J.H. 133 more words


There seems to be quite a few escape artists these days.
Escaping self rage, drama, self ignorance, misguided perceptions.

All the calm, relaxation, fun, peacefulness you seek outside you is inside you. 25 more words