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Self Lymph Drainage Massage

I woke up today feeling congested, fuzzy and a little out of it, which for me is usually a sign of seasonal allergies. Fortunately, I have been trained in Lymph Drainage Massage in the face and neck which can help clear up the congestion dramatically. 46 more words

Massage Therapy

The Benefits of Ayurvedic Body Massage

Traditional Ayurveda medicine practice is based on ancient Hindu philosophy and is centered on the idea of creating a long & fulfilling life, meaning the principles are to encourage vitality, health and longevity. 1,004 more words


Self-Massage Guide: Feet

Day after day, our feet bear all of our body weight, and a majority of the time they are confined in nylons/socks and high heels (or some other sort of form restrictive footwear). 294 more words

Self-Massage Guide: Neck Pain

Headaches (due to eye strain), driving, sitting at a desk all day, physical labor, talking on a phone and all of the stresses and strains of daily activities take a major toll on our bodies. 263 more words

Piriformis Syndrom

Piriformis syndrom:

Ever have deep buttock pain when playing sports or doing something physical? Maybe the pain radiated down your buttock, usually only one side and down the middle of the back of your leg and even reaching the calf? 733 more words

Complaints Of The Body I've Seen A Lot Of Recently

Ayurvedic Tip to help you stay gorgeous after 50! - Self-massage

The first teachings of Ayurveda (the Indian holistic health science where Ayur means “life” and Veda means “knowledge”) were written down sometimes 2,000 to 4,000 BC. 684 more words