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Achilles Blog 48 - 3 September 2014

Oh leg… Physio Piotr (http://www.thecalmblueroom.com/) thinks we can loosen the scar tissue but at the moment it is impeding my movement such that although not limping, my body is twisted to the right and this is impacting my right knee and hip in particular. 315 more words

Am I The Only One? 8 Simple Steps to Stress Relief

I sometimes struggle with feeling overwhelmed, tired, and anxious.

Am I the only one? I don’t think so.

I think I’m representative of a silent epidemic, one of many suffering in silence as I busily document “the good life” on social media. 1,035 more words

Abhyanga Self Oil Massage 101

Abhyanga Self Oil Massage -

The Abhyanga practice is an Ayurvedic ritual that is using your hands to massage the body with oil (often herb/essential oil infused, per your choice).   792 more words


Alternate Ayurvedic Self-Massage


Lie on your back.
Bend your knees and lean hem in on each other, relaxing the abdomen..
Place both hands flat on your abdomen and start by marking large, slow circles over the whole area. 616 more words


Cultivate Self-Love in Small Ways

Ok this glowing skin is not full of sweat from the humidity of NY summers! That is coconut oil to keep my natural healthy glow. My intention of nourishing my skin is not just to stay hydrated and youthful, I also do it for some self-love. 359 more words


I Heart My Foam Roller

Though I have a chiropractor I know and love, I never am able to visit him frequently enough. So given much of my job involves sitting, I need something else that helps my alignment, not to mention my tense back muscles. 188 more words

My Life

Stress Free Tips for the School Year

School in the South has already started! It shouldn’t be a stressful time for parents and children alike, so here are some tips to take some of the stress out of the school year - 309 more words

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