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Mother of Pearl

After my first Friday post about self-massage, I tried to follow the routine using the Pearl Massage Bar instead of oils to get the full effect, and if you are ever looking for a product to treat yourself with from time to time, I would highly recommend going for a Massage Bar, and particularly Pearl. 309 more words


Abhyanga – The ayurvedic oil massage

It’s January and everyone’s talking about their dry skin. My clients are soaking up extra massage oil. They report using plenty of lotion, but sometimes, their skin still needs help. 410 more words


3 Reasons to Learn Self Massage

Before you flip to another post because you are thinking “why do I need to know this”, give me a chance! You’ve been giving yourself massage all along even if you didn’t know it. 718 more words

Body Lessons

delighted with... coconut oil

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Is there any reason for not being delighted with something, what helps you to stay beautiful and fresh all year long? 701 more words


That Friday Feeling

So thankful that it is Friday!! It has been the most hectic week, launching this and university work, so much chaos. I think Friday is the perfect time to treat yourself, and each Friday I will be writing about a way in which to do so. 533 more words



Here we go.

Hello, I’m Maggie-happy you found me. I’m writing this because I’m in a line of work that I think is starting to be of interest in others, and I’m realizing this could be be an outlet for me to reach a bigger audience. 201 more words

A New Year--- A New You

What does it take to make a real lifestyle change?

As 2015 starts, asking yourself how you can make a real impact in your life is hard. 109 more words