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The Trauma Of Developing A Six Pack

If I let go of my fear and begin to make progress in any endeavour, it would be folly to then take fear back up and hope that it keeps me on the path I took when I let it go. 397 more words


La Marea

La Marea

hay un refrán que dice

“pa’lante como el elefante”

pero no es para que te alivie con un calmante y tome lugar en lista de espera… 43 more words

Creative "NOWS"

Time to Unwind

This week we’re going to focus on transition.

transition |tranˈziSHən, -ˈsiSHən|noun; the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another… 318 more words


Be Audacious

September is my birth month and I look forward to it more than I look forward to January, for me its my New Year. Though I have hardly found a moment to be still, reflect, think and rejuvinate, which I do every year, I have coined my next phase.   379 more words


Make A Start And Flow

Life doesn’t work when we try to control it. A need/desire for control comes from fear, always. No exceptions. Life works better when we allow it to flow and grow naturally. 616 more words


Boredom Can Precede Joy

A period of boredom can often precede a major change. Don’t resist this. It’s a necessary part of the journey as it is the final stage of letting go of the old you. 813 more words


My Mind Shows Me Images

My mind is constantly bombarding me with images. If I’m not careful, I can believe I need those things so strongly that they make me very unhappy. 525 more words