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No Words

There are no words

to describe

the sacred journey into

the heart,

into all that is dark and scary

and unknown -

and back out, 42 more words

Healing Thoughts 1

A Journey Within

I’m going on a distant journey
Far grander than the stars and discovering a new found glory
I am captivated and engaged
To reach higher heights and evoke an inner change… 107 more words

A Recipe for Self-Healing

All that is here
All that appears

Feel all that is here.
Let it all be.
Notice just a little more.
Look just a little deeper and through. 13 more words



After setting out

in search of a gentler way,

having felt the frustration

of not having a ready-made map,

I began to appreciate

the beauty… 56 more words


Being Dogged About People And Emotions

I want to become dogged about being interested in people and emotions just like I am in being good at my job, playing my violin, or anything else I do. 311 more words



Realizing that objects have no self-existence or do not exist on their own, is important for effective meditation. Also important is non-identification, here defined as “not identifying consciousness with, or as, the objects of awareness”. 533 more words


The Place of No Words

Because there was really

nothing else to do,

I surrendered completely to

whatever I was to find

in my own heart.

I was prepared for the journeying, 23 more words