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My Mind Shows Me Images

My mind is constantly bombarding me with images. If I’m not careful, I can believe I need those things so strongly that they make me very unhappy. 525 more words


What I Want

By choosing to own what’s inside us, we can begin to transform our lives from the inside which is the only place our lives come from anyway. 326 more words


Just For Today ~ Be Change

Be proactive.  Look for solutions to the problems your community faces, rather than call on someone else to solve them.

For too long, too many of us have been entranced by heroes. 88 more words


What People Want

What people think they want is often not what they actually want. Happiness is something you have to be ready for.

You might think that people want to be happy and they might say so themselves. 337 more words



It’s the fag end of August and I’m on the prowl, times are lean and my stomach is rumbling.

This is for my fellow lions and feline relations. 1,292 more words


Create From Moment To Moment

The one and only way to be.

I create my experience of life from moment to moment. It doesn’t matter what my circumstances are or whether I’m alone or in company. 98 more words


Being Conscious Of My Thoughts Allows Me To Own Them

Anything I’m not willing to let go of (lose) is something that will definitely, mechanically, guaranteed-every-time, make me unhappy. This is what it means to be willing to lose: I need to be aware (conscious) of my thoughts, Feelings and judgements and allow them to exist. 466 more words