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It is my last day in Singapore. I live in humble gratitude for this experience, for the opportunity to be on my own and discover a little bit of the world and myself, for the support and love I have had from my family and friends #blessed. 1,404 more words

Choose to Stand Out

It was a cool spring day on the Loop. The children were lining up down the old dirt road to play dodge ball.  I was the little girl with pigtails, a dainty dress, glasses, and little to no coordination. 563 more words

Knowing Whispers: Confession is the Key to Love

Thanks to The Galactic Free Press.

The path to inner healing is a continuous confession of all that we carry within us.

The ego says it’s okay to protect different parts within – that we should hide them “for our eyes only”.  140 more words

Spiritual News

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A young man asked “how do I best work on my weaknesses, Sensei?”

I said: need is defined as the thing that will become your strength. 9 more words

been there, done that

spent a life time, gave

it all i had trying to

do it your way – done

Yoga And Addiction

My Road to Happiness

I have known for a long time that I am miserable at work. I have tried everything from having a positive attitude, losing myself in the work, to reading books on business leadership. 757 more words


Don't forget to unpack your baggage ;-)

From http://rawforbeauty.com

Dragging old baggage around with you can taint the most promising relationship. Living with someone who is carrying excess baggage can feel a little like walking on egg shells; never knowing what will trigger the next blow out. 480 more words


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