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Self Mastery

“When you fail to be your own boss,
You are giving somebody else the contract.”
― Richard Marcel I.

Self Mastery is the decision to make the most out of your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

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Personal Development

Giving Others a Break

Sometimes giving others a break may not be the easiest thing to do, especially when your boss has just gotten in your face and screamed. I for one know that my Italian side would get the better of me. 378 more words


My Image Of My Violin

Picking up and playing my violin can sometimes Feel like quite the challenge and this all comes down to how I see it. By purposefully choosing to see my violin differently, I am able to change my attitude towards it and improve my willingness to play it. 461 more words


Holding An Image

My inner life is something I can purposefully craft to create an experience of myself and my life situation that is far more favourable. Life works a lot better when my focus is on my own opinions and convictions rather than on what people might think of me. 502 more words


The Dragon Breath Extinguisher

When was the last time you lined up in an orderly fashion and politely exited a building that may or may not have been on fire?! 645 more words

Process Feelings By Animating Body And Voice

My body and voice must be included when learning to master my Feelings. I now have the opportunity for daily practice in learning to unleash my inner being through my outer being, my body and voice. 232 more words