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Long time, no update. Trigger warning: Self harm.

I’ve been in a pretty crazy place and therefore no time or energy to update. I am reaching out now because I feel I have hit a low I haven’t seen in a long, long time. 193 more words

The Beating of Temptation

Two detoxs, One women’s out-patient program and two alcohol dependency programs later I meet him.

I continue to relapse twice more after my horrifying hospital visit leaving me self mutilated and emotionally battered. 546 more words

things in my head.

Depression and anxiety are ugly. 

they are hateful.

they turn me into a monster that i just do not want to be. 

I feel sad, then I feel guilt for feeling sad (as I am a spoiled rotten girl who has had nothing ever even remotely terrifying happen to her)  then I feel mad at myself for being sad in the first place.   216 more words

We'll See

Here's to Life

I am finally committed, and for the first time in a few years this has not been to ending my life. I am committed to living. 128 more words

Eat your heart out

Massive panic attack today. Tried to rip my heart out to stop the pain in my chest. In case you’re wondering…it didn’t work.

The Path

Tears to Glory

I’m not angry at ya Jim… Ya just broke my heart, that’s all.

The Pit

Silence on Self-harm

Major depression is nothing to be ashamed of or feel weak for having, and it is because I believe that so strongly that I talk openly about my experiences with depression. 1,057 more words