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I never really understood addiction before now.  I could never relate to alcoholics are drug users- how they don’t know anything besides life with their addiction.  388 more words

I’m Popular, Funny, Confident…And I Self-Harm

I guess in a way this is an admission.

My name’s Alexander. People call me Alex. I’m 24 years old and have a decent enough job. 363 more words

A Listerine Lush

Soon after my last alcohol dependency program ended; I begin drinking again. Only this time my drink of choice is listerine. Charlie has been checking where I spend our money on his online bank account and he knows when I spend and where I spend the money. 543 more words


The Cycle CAN be Broken

“Scars appear where wounds once healed
and still reveal where holes were sealed,
Reminding of times of massive loss
when losing cancels out the cost”
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my dear friend

my dear friend, have i told you how mesmerising i find your whispers
and you tease me with your sharp edges,
you are lustrous and metallic and reflect the spirit of sunshine  114 more words

Body Issues: I Am My Own Worse Trigger

Sometimes we are extra careful in avoiding much of what sets us off. We may heed provided trigger warnings, avoid looking at gruesome material, or read reviews of written work to see if they may be problematic. 346 more words