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Tormented by Hope...

A few days ago, a family friend and pastor to the church my parents went to come to our home and found me. He asked where my mom was and I told him she was in the shower. 336 more words


The Weed

I was never treated delicately like a flower, but rather I have always been tossed about, picked at, pulled at and thrown away like a weed. 264 more words

Casual Sex

My Truth about Self Harm (trigger warning)

One thing I want to get out of the way is the truth about myself harm.

I think people assume I am ashamed of my self mutilation. 715 more words

Cutting Through to the Heart

Good afternoon once again, dear readers, and dear friends.

Today I was asked to talk about something that we have all heard of, all experienced, or all at least contemplated at some point in our lives, this is self mutilation, or in layman terms, cutting. 1,045 more words


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Thoughts For Recovery

Defeated - My First Poem

I’m not really a poet but had a rough night a few weeks ago and decided to write it in my journal.

Here it goes and hope you like it… 79 more words


Skins: Let it be brutal but funny

(This is not the story I previously promised)

Do not read below if you are squeamish or easily grossed out.

I am a skin picker. I’ll admit to that. 1,160 more words

Issues I Need To Solve