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A Little Place Called Heaven - Part 3


Back up the “clean” count to Day 1. I was doing rather well these last few days and then life happened and I flipped my shit. 397 more words


So I Cut...[Self-Harm Trigger Warning]

…the cigarettes out of my life. I didn’t slice my skin. I didn’t get a tattoo, but I will when I want it because I want art on my skin, not an open wound. 600 more words


i was sad, i guess

i don’t know what to say. i can’t explain it. but my arm got ripped apart again. not before i stubbed my cigarettes on myself. i haven’t done that in a long while. 113 more words


A Little Place Called Heaven - Part 2

There are times when people just have to press the damn self-destruct button. It is a long battle of will power but in the end it never goes away. 290 more words


Guilt: A Worm of Our Inner Thoughts

The article was under the theme of self-mutilation, eating disorders, and suicide and it was entitled, “Religious and Addictive Factors in Bodily Self-harm”. A brief overview of the article was about a 67 year old woman who had been an anorexic since infancy, with an unusual failure-to-thrive syndrome. 237 more words

If you don't have enough regret in your life try cutting your own bangs.

I’ve discovered a doggie boutique with a do-it-yourself dog wash.  All I have to bring is the dirty dog and they provide everything else. 
The benefits I initially expected were reduced grooming costs and the convenience of having clean dogs whenever I darn well please.  440 more words

Self-Mutilation is a Flesh Eating Virus

For the first time in a long time I almost couldn’t stop myself from cutting. I broke a glass while I was washing dishes at work, and as I was picking up the pieces the thought popped in my head, I could easily just say I broke this and cut my hand in the process. 342 more words