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What is a foam roller used for? Why does it hurt?

I’ve visited the Breaking Muscle site, and stumbled across the self -myofascial release, also known as the ‘foam roller’. I’ve been using the foam roller to assist my hip flexors (the muscles that run from your hip to knee on the outside of your leg) become flatter and reduce the tension in my hips. 211 more words


Self Myofasical Release: The What and the Why

Self Myofascial Release (SMR) is a self-stretching technique that has becoming increasing popular within the fitness industry. SMR is usually performed with foam rollers, but are not limited to just the rollers themselves. 534 more words


Roll away tension and pain

With the hectic, fast-paced environment we live in today, it’s no wonder our bodies are always tense and sore. Lack of sleep, hard work and not enough time to just chill and relax typically catch up with you. 825 more words

Movie Review: DVD - Jeff Alexander's SMR Tips Rumble Roller & RR Beastie *

Product Description
Learn the best techniques when using the Rumble Roller and Beastie Series. Jeff Alexander teaches coaches and therapists his approach to SMR called the Alexander Method of SMR™ all over the United States. 184 more words


Yea....You Need to Read This - Part 1

Practical Programming for Fitness, Performance and Health – Why We Do What We Do

By: Sean Callahan

I think it is an important tactic to often question the things that you do and why in fact that you do them.  2,878 more words