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Porn Has Led Me Here, And Here Isn't Very Pretty

If talk of homosexuality is difficult for you to handle then please use caution when reading this post. It is not extremely blatant, but I don’t want to be what trips anyone up. 1,479 more words

A Loss

No one wins all the time. Last night I did participate in self pleasure. There was no porn involved and I made sure to keep my mind clean. 202 more words

Day Two Ended And Day Three Is Just Starting

Day two ended well. Day three started out kind of strangely. In the past attempts to give up porn and self pleasure, I would rarely dream about the two. 349 more words

Day one became a little more difficult. An emotional and strenuous conversation was held with my Dad. That always makes me want to turn to something to numb the emotions. 27 more words

Day One

This is day one of the battle to quit porn. This is not the first day one, though hopefully it will be the last. Along with the fighting porn comes the fight with self-pleasure. 139 more words


Has anyone told you masturbation is wrong?That its a sin, that young ladies and woman cannot touch themselves in that way, only a man can do that. 82 more words