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Positive approach developing

Don’t know how I feel a bit strong now. There had been times when I used to easily ‘fall for’ , and now its strange that the guy with whom I had started way back in April 2014, I am prepared not to be in touch with her. 143 more words


Revealing a bit about me : For Readers , not Partners

The readers are those guys who are just following my blog , but have never got an experience with me. For the guys, with whom I had the voice chat, they already know this much about this crazy girl. 513 more words


Diversion versus self satisfaction

1. Self-pleasure (even when done on cam or voice) is some how safe and accessible n immediate mode of sexual satisfaction.

2. At times, even without playing with one self, just the satisfaction the chat partner has been able to cum can also make us happy. 149 more words

What about some naughty games for boys?

What do you think, readers?

Should I create some naughty games for naughty boys?

Like or share this post if you think I should create some deliciously devious sessions of self-pleasuring for men, so I can see how much interest there might be…

What have my visits to Vienna been like?

What have my visits to Vienna been like? There was the first 4-day visit in 1998 on the Grand Tour, I went to Freud’s house, … 185 more words