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Self-Portrait Painting

I wanted to make an artwork for myself before school starts so I made this. I used oil paint on a 16×20 canvas. And I’m just really glad that this turned out well because it was actually my first time using oil. 163 more words


Monthly Lensbaby Project - July

I’ve decided to set myself a challenge to create an “image of the month” with my Lensbaby. I know a monthly project isn’t exactly stretching myself but I also know that if I set a daily of even weekly one it would rapidly become a chore – so it’s either monthly or not at all ! 136 more words



I’m Rexy and I know it.

Just something simple today. I don’t feel like spending hours in Photoshop.

Jenny The Time Traveling Pirate

Where it all began... (Part 2)

He felt the breeze passing through his hair and face, he knew it was going to rain soon, but he was stubborn, didn’t care at all. 204 more words


I cannot keep you with any kiss


Nie zatrzymam cię żadnym pocałunkiem
(Eng. I cannot keep you with any kiss)

(January, 2013)

~old work~

inspired by poetry by H. Poświatowska

Polish text Copyright 1989 Wydawnictwo Literackie, Kraków, Poland… 92 more words



If you come to find me affable
Build a replica for me
Would the idea to you be laughable
Of a pale facsimile?

So will you come to burn an effigy? 181 more words