It's Not Every Novel That Has Its Own Theme Song

It’s Not Every Novel That Has Its Own Theme Song

There’s a song in my book, After the Sucker Punch, a song that comes in the epilogue and pulls a concluding plot point off the page into downloadable form. 1,112 more words

Building A Wall

Building a Wall

I have just recently been reading in the book of Nehemiah in the Bible about how he was to build a wall to fortify Israel from the enemies that had already burned cities, destroyed the previous walls as well as sepulchers.  617 more words

Return Of The Writer's Lounge

Yep, the title says it all — My interview page for aspiring writers, poets, & authors, THE  WRITER’S  LOUNGE, will be returning this weekend with… 19 more words

F. Kenneth Taylor

E Virus Book 2 Path of Destruction in progress

E Virus: The Diary of a Modern Day Girl sequel The Path of Destruction is due for release by the end of July 2014

Well, I have been hard at work the last couple of weeks, writing the sequel to my first book E Virus: The Diary of a Modern Day Girl. 255 more words

Latest News

The God of Sno Cone Blue is Featured in The Cedar Mill News

What a nice surprise! Check out the first article about my novel, The God of Sno Cone Blue. In print, it’s a quarter-page piece, ultimately describing the book as “a good read for mature young adult readers and parents alike…” In what is probably the best insight yet, The Cedar Mill News alludes to the letters in my novel as “a story within a story” and goes on to describe my background, the novel, and its inspiration.

The God Of Sno Cone Blue

Amazon Best Seller!

So I woke up this morning to find that I’m currently ranked at number 16 on Amazon’s Best Seller’s List for Women’s Historical Fiction!  I can’t honestly express how exciting that is – after months of scribbling away by myself, then proof reading, editing, re-drafting and finally designing a cover and booking my release date and promotional tour… it’s just amazing.   147 more words