Khmer Book Store

I took a trip to a bookstore here. From just being able to browse through a few Khmer/English language books, I feel like I learned a lot more about the country than I could by just coming here. 697 more words

What to do when your e-book is rejected

So, after all my hard work, my book was rejected from Kindle Direct Publishing with this letter:

“During our review process, we found that this content is in violation of our content guidelines. 766 more words

An important announcement re my new blog

As you probably know, I have a new website and with it, a brand new blog where I’ve already started posting author interviews, book reviews and great tips for authors. 192 more words

Indie Author

The Memory Box is the 2014 #1 Bestselling Book at Indie Bookstore in New Jersey

I just received news from The Town Book Store in Westfield, NJ, that their 2014 #1 Bestselling book (adult fiction and non-fiction) was The Memory Box! 195 more words


ABSOLUTION by Amanda Dick

Surprise!!! Here is a NEW book for you to read!  ABSOLUTION is NOW available at Amazon for your Kindle AND Barnes & Noble for your NOOK—and a day early! 319 more words

Book Covers

Cover Reveal: HOUSE OF WORMS

***originally posted by John Monk***

I can’t say enough how much I love this book cover, for Harvey Click’s House of Worms.

Indies like Harvey, and the other Awesome Indies, are among the finest authors in publishing today, easily up there with Koontz and Jim Butcher and various other genre authors you find in brick and mortar stores. 72 more words


Picking myself up, dusting off and gearing up for 2015

2014 was productive. I released 7 books and 1 novella under my name:

And 1 chick lit book under my pen name:

I have been a published author for 3 years this month. 537 more words