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How to become an artist

It seems to me that we spend our childhood building our initial vision of the world. We do our best trying to answer as many questions as possible, and in our eagerness to understand everything around us, we name things and label them and we think that we’re absolutely certain that things are exactly how we see them. 1,139 more words


This Is What Happens In Your Brain When You're Writing

A team of neuroscientists has scanned the brains of professional and novice writers when creating a work of fiction to get a glimpse of their creative process.

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Tips List!

Effective ‘rules’ from the people who know best.

KURT VONNEGUT‘s eight tips on writing a short story

STEPHEN KING‘s top 20 rules for writers… 19 more words

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Most Valuable Marketing Tools for Self-Published Authors

1 Word of Mouth

What it can do for you:

  • It can generate sales even when you’ve had a couple of recent unfavorable reviews. What a reader’s buddy tells them about your book carries more weight than what some random stranger writes on your Amazon product page.
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This is a fantastic article with great advice on publicity and awareness.

60,000 Words

I’ve signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo and have pledged 60,000 words for the month of July.  Two days in and I’ve met the (almost) 2K words a day quota, but will probably be up late getting this one done.   274 more words

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Just write!

Odds are that one day you’ll start working on a story for longer than usual. Odds are that you’ll try to make it perfect, even when it’s clear that you’re just afraid to let it go. 470 more words


Quality vs. Quantity

A couple of days ago I read an article by a Romanian writer, in which he said that the way we perceive certain foreign authors in Romania is different than how they are perceived in their home countries. 621 more words