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Coincidence or by design? 3:16 and MH17

One can always try and read too much into events. That is how conspiracy theories start. Sometimes they are right and sometimes not.

I wanted to look at the significance (or not) of the whole 3:16/17 numerology signs as there is the terrible tragedy of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 that all signs are pointing towards pro Russian involvement. 339 more words

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A most interesting challenge



To make things different this time when marketing Apostle I have come up with a password challenge which is something the characters in the book also face fairly early on. 398 more words

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Don't want to kick the habit

What a busy few weeks it’s been!

Birthdays, barbecue, work, World Cup and the preparation and cleaning up that goes with it all. I have felt the pangs of guilt of not devoting enough time to my writing project as I should but I have still been doing something. 202 more words

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