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My First Review Part 2: My First Experience With an Internet Troll

So, to go on from my post yesterday, it turns out my first review, which was a 1 star review was an internet troll.

First of all, he posted a quote of mine that had incorrect grammar as an example of how I had used poor grammar. 333 more words

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Novel Planning 1: Mapping it out.

So far, my writing has consisted of a series of Novellas and one Short Story. I’ve really had fun developing the world of the Empire through these stories, but I’ve now moved into a more serious phase of planning for my first major work – a novel centred around the Empire and the central events of its history. 197 more words



Earlier in the month author Nicole Delacroix share with us a really interesting article about how to market your books and you all seemed to love it. 2,231 more words


How to create your own website as if you were a pro

Today, it is a very special day! You may have noticed I’ve been blogging less recently. Truth is, #amwriting, but also have been building my new site. 165 more words

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An ebook store by authors for authors

Ebook Orchard is an ebook store started by an author for the benefit of authors, and it is different than other retail outlets in that it doesn’t earn one cent from the sale of ebooks. 312 more words

Why Did I Write Destiny of Kings?

Where it all Started

Boredom! Yep, you heard write. Plain and simple boredom is what started me on my writing journey. We had travelled over 2000km to Noosa, Queensland; to a new home and to buy a business. 397 more words


Another update for Liyanna 1

Hello all.

Thank you for the likes I received yesterday. :)

As promised, I’ve completed uploading all chapters of the novel. All you have to do to view the other chapters is to hover over the Liyanna button on the nav┬ábar and click on… 34 more words

Project 1: Liyanna