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Damnation: 10

The rain had slowed to a misty drizzle by the time they made it out of the village, but the chill in the air was growing worse, showing signs of the coming fall. 1,815 more words


Nancy: Another Publishing Option for Our Overtaxed Writer Brains

This just in: the internet is not only changing the world, it’s changing the publishing world!

Okay, that’s pretty old ‘news’. But that doesn’t mean we writers have a firm grip on the new world order in publishing. 629 more words

Nancy Hunter

Lifestyles of Traditionally vs. Self-Published Authors

In my last blogs about a first-time fiction writer choosing between traditional publishing and self-publishing, I looked at non-financial considerations that might make the writer lean one way or another. 362 more words



Self-doubt is a widespread epidemic among all artists, but most notably, new authors. To start-off, maybe you’ve never been published or have just finished your first manuscript so delving into the unknown is a frighteningly enormous leap. 644 more words


Sweet Character Names

One of my favorite things about writing is making up character names. Seriously just thinking about it makes me all giddy (super dork). I sometimes tend to create my characters before I create the plot of my stories . 251 more words


Pay attention to your interior text

It is easy to find articles and blog posts dealing with the importance of cover design. If a design is inappropriate, amateur or dreadful no one will buy it whose first encounter with the book is its cover. 1,121 more words


Grey Days

It’s been a little more than a year since Paper Ghosts. 14 months, actually, where I tried new stories, changed jobs, grew up and all. 59 more words