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"No time to say hello, goodbye..."

I was extremely busy this past week at my day job. I felt like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.

On Thursday morning I realized that the previous day I had had no time to consult my Facebook account. 237 more words

Il Molo

Self-Publishing: Quest & Quandary?

To self-publish or not to self-publish, that is the question, I mean quest or quandary.

I find that there are so many self-published books on the market, and a good percentage of them are what I would call unsuitable, word garbage, not well-written, books with fillers, books unedited correctly, books that were self-published so the writer could equate themselves as a published author, and so on. 156 more words


Does it ever get easier?

In less than two weeks, I hit publish again for the second time. It should be easier, right?

It doesn’t feel easier.

In fact, I think I’m more terrified than the first time. 334 more words

My Blog

Should you self publish, the 2014 edition

Way back in 2011, when self-publishing was new, I asked the same question in a number of blog posts (some of which on my old livejournal). 419 more words


Now on Sale

Body in the Harbour is now available. Links to various e-formats can be found at nancipattenden.com.


Editing Curious Prey

My upcoming novel is now in the hands of a second editor. Hoping for a new perspective from a male reader. I can tell you that after reading the back cover blurb, he admitted to sympathizing with one of the MCs. 10 more words


The curve

Excerpt from Ordinary Handsome

The rain was soft and distracting. He waited for it to pour out like tap water. He drove slowly. He thought no one else would be out, but he was wrong.

250 more words