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First go with permafree

Well, I’ve thrown my hat into the permafree ring. Liquid Blue, Book 1, Part I is now being price matched on Amazon for $0 (and is priced so elsewhere). 127 more words

And another book idea has hit me

So the other day, I was listening to a couple of morning guys in the Northern California area, Armstrong & Getty.  Being that they’re on the radio, I can never seem to mentally parse which one is saying what, but one of them hit on something I referred to in an earlier post: The inability to concentrate on reading a book anymore.   340 more words

Wading Through the Waters

I’m still figuring out my way through the maze called self-publishing, at the same time wondering if I should start writing query letters and submitting… 451 more words


And my editor said...

I love my editor. I have never met her and she may already be married but make no bones about it, I love her.

I sent my first book, ‘six months to get a life’ off to her a few weeks ago. 444 more words

Shelf Unbound Writing Competition...

…for Best Independently Published Book, Sponsored by Bowker and and Blurb: Call for Entries (is the rest of that reaaaally long title).

First of all, … 135 more words


What's Next for Self-Publishing? The Marketing Agent

New and disruptive (often technology-based) business models have wreaked havoc on a host of traditional businesses over the last several decades. One of those is publishing, with the Internet providing the technology, and Amazon providing the disruption. 1,579 more words


The Sequel's Draft Cover

We’ve all heard the expression, “Never judge a book by its cover.” Yeh, well, as both readers and authors, we’re also aware that the cover… 343 more words