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Introducing Sherwin Presley Brown, author of Jamerican

“They came yesterday: my ten free copies of Jamerican: The Gift of Poverty. Perfectly beautiful, very happy with the result! Thanks for contributing to my goals, dreams and visions or as we all know it ‘LIFE’.” 441 more words

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Decision Time's a-comin'

As I wrestle with the horror novel that probably will not be ready before Halloween (though I would really, really like it to be, dammit), I am faced with another writerly dilemma. 505 more words

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WIP: Shallow Water

The title of the novel is Shallow Water:

Rachel Hampshire has always been on the outside looking it, never belonging in a way that gave her center stage, but all that changes when Zek comes to town. 124 more words


Specimen 25 Release Date

Alright, now that the details are settled, I am here to announce the release date for my first story! I know it took me a while to get this info to everyone, but I’ve been working to make sure everything’s in order. 680 more words

A Tip For Not Driving Your Readers Crazy

I think we’ve all had the experience of reading a book with mismatched details- on page 14 our narrator is short and lithe and on page 51 complains about her weight. 334 more words

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Indie Insider’s Next Picks – July and August

Check out the this summer’s installments of INDIE INSIDER’S NEXT PICKS, a list of recommended indie titles and authors, by IndieReader in collaboration with industry experts (including Kobo!). 55 more words


Random Wednesdays: Ayestra Calling (Excerpt)

Hello my lovelies! How’s the week been treating you? I hope it’s been great and if not, kick its butt into submission and finish strong ^_^. 472 more words

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