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Introducing Richard Pires, author of The Monster Monroe

“Love this company; book looks great. Now, I need to invest in marketing!”

Richard Pires was born and raised in a small town in Northern California where there was little to do but use one’s imagination. 229 more words

Outskirts Press

Becoming a self-published author

Graduating seniors at my university are required to complete a capstone project. The project entails to portions; a literature review and a creative project. There weren’t really any parameters for the project except for the fact that it had to fall within the field of media and communications. 224 more words

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The Unspoken Negative of Self-Publishing

Today I had the pleasure of reading Mark Coker’s interesting article titled “Indie Author Manifesto”  (http://blog.smashwords.com/2014/04/indie-author-manifesto.html). With the current dubious state of publishing the after the digital marketplace boom, a manifesto such as this is be expected. 279 more words


Wow. My free day was amazing. In total, over a 24 hour period, I had 864 downloads. A great majority from the US, but a fair few from Canada, the UK, and 4 from Germany. 136 more words

My book is now a paperback

So, I wrote an ebook. Big deal, you said. Any idiot can do that. What about a real book? A paper book?

Well, hold on to your wood-pulp-centric hats, because now I’ve published it in paperback too.


Haiku for the hell of it

Our Children is free.

One hundred downloads this week –

What am I missing?

Et Alia

Dune: daring & phase 7

I was so pleased to see that Dune was in phase 7 on this week’s phase report. Just one phase to go until she is ready to be a guide dog. 175 more words

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