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"You look ridiculous in that outfit"

This is always the case.

Something new is always used first by people who are willing to look ridiculous, at least for a few minutes. 263 more words



You can’t be merry by yourself.

Sure, you can be content, happy, possibly even delirious. But merriment requires a group, and that group is almost always a group you can see and touch, one that’s sharing the same molecules of air, face to face. 30 more words


Summer lovin'

Summer lovin’ had me a blast. Summer lovin’ happened so fast.

To begin my post I had to establish the song going through my head while I wrote this article and to swiftly pass the song on to you. 505 more words


Gift wrapped

A wrapped present is transformed when it is opened. Anticipation turns into information, and frequently, one is worth far more than the other.

Too often, we overlook the value of imagination and dreams and the _____. 51 more words


Design like Apple, but name like P&G

Apple’s naming approach is inconsistent, it begs for lawsuits (offensive and defensive) and it shouldn’t be the model for your organization. iPhone is a phone, iPad is a pad, iPod is a … (and owning a letter of the alphabet is i-mpossible). 82 more words


Piracy Propaganda

“In the decade and a half since Napster first emerged, forever changing the face of digital culture, the claim that “internet pirates killed the music industry” has become so ubiquitous that it is treated as common knowledge. 221 more words


17 Questions.

Have you ever run beside a moving bus or train? Trying to hop on….

 It moves at a speed that makes you think that you might actually be able to get on, but you don’t…. 247 more words