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I have been pondering the ebb and flow of life and how much things change over time. I can remember mere months ago having this gaping hole inside of me that yearned to be loved and to belong with someone, somewhere although I had no idea where. 186 more words


Self-Fulfillment: The Narcosis of the 21 Century

I don’t have to go to the movies to watch a zombie flick; I just walk out my front door to the shopping center or the local main street to see the stupefied, zombiefied people walking around in a trance completely transfixed with self-preoccupation and the gratification of self. 684 more words

From Enlightenment

"It's completely up to you"

… and that’s the problem.

I was picking out the mat for a framed photo and there were a thousand colors to choose from. The framer uttered the scary invocation, putting the choice back to me. 114 more words


Solving problems (vs. identifying them)

Often, we’re hesitant to identify a problem out of fear we can’t solve it. Knowing that we have to live with something that we’re unable to alter gives us a good reason to avoid verbalizing it–highlighting it just makes it worse. 106 more words


The honest broker

It really is a choice, one or the other.

Either you happily recommend the best option for your customer, or you give preference to your own items first. 93 more words


Prepared to fail

“We’re hoping to succeed; we’re okay with failure. We just don’t want to land in between.”

–David Chang

He’s serious. Lots of people say this, but few are willing to put themselves at risk, which destroys the likelihood of success and dramatically increases the chance of in between.

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