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Hurrying almost always makes it take longer

If you don’t have time to do it right, how will you find time to do it over?

(In Swahili: Haraka Haraka haina Baraka….)

PS stalling is even worse than hurrying.

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Nasıl oluştuklarıyla ilgili kelimeri sorguladığım zamanlar olur ve bu yazının başlığını attığımda duyumsadığım merak, beni tam da istediğim noktaya taşıyordu…

‘Ser’ aslında can demek ve ‘ven’ toplardamar anlamında. 201 more words


“The financial crisis will ruin me.”

“My children are disobedient.”

“My partner doesn’t listen”

 “I hate my job.”

“My life would be better if…”

“…I had a bigger income.” 178 more words

Following My Bliss

I had a collection of photos on my phone from the last few days that I wanted to use in my next blog update and was trying to think of an apt title for them when these words came to my mind….I was following my bliss….I feel happy and content and know that whatever happens I will be ok. 764 more words


The worst kind of clock

…is a clock that’s wrong. Randomly fast or slow.

If we know exactly how much it’s wrong, then it’s not so bad.

If there’s no clock, we go seeking the right time. 41 more words


Part-4 Queen Banoi

Queen Banoi was walking in the serenity garden with a group of people that had won once in a lifetime ticket to be with their Queen. 400 more words

Self Realisation

Against the Grain

I’m not writing an informative article about the danger of grains, well not today anyway. I’ve noticed that I don’t like doing things the way most people do them. 615 more words