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Can I pay you to do me a favor?

Simple concept with big implications: In small groups, money corrupts.

In environments that are built on personal interaction and trust among intimates, transactions based on money don’t increase efficacy, they degrade it. 57 more words


The What-The-Hell Effect

Goal-setting can be a handy way of improving performance, except when we fall foul of a nasty little side-effect.

Take dieting as an example. Let’s say you’ve set yourself a daily calorie limit. 728 more words


The 5 Most Dangerous Creativity Killers

It’s important to recognize these impediments to the creative thought process because many are insidious, and worse yet, most can be made on the managerial end, meaning we may be stifling our creative workers without even realizing it. 429 more words


Skinwalker Ranch - Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

Ventura looks into various corporations that are filling the void left by NASA and continuing space research and technology under private enterprise some of which may be used to weaponize space. 59 more words



Firstly, all my native dear fellas who dream that there exist some “cool paradises” where open people of their own will live in tall skyscrapers, I’m sorry but it’s time that I’d like to tell you the reality which you might take as long to believe in as I did. 288 more words