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Redefining productivity

According to the economics of the industrial age, it’s simple: Money spent creates output. If you use less labor or your system creates more output, your factory is being more efficient. 180 more words


Marc and Angel Hack Life

I have found this wonderful website called ‘Marc and Angel Hack Life‘.  It is a website about life.  There are plenty of them about but I find this one particularly insightful.  48 more words


Sacred Solitude

There is a sacred solitude within the oneness of the Universe

Religion And Spirituality

No one ever bought anything on an elevator

If your elevator pitch is a hyper-compressed two-minute overview of your hopes, dreams and the thing you’ve been building for the last three years, you’re doing everyone a disservice. 155 more words


Getting over ourselves

In the face of billions of dollars of destruction, of the loss of life, of families distrupted, it’s easy to wonder what we were so hung up on just a few days ago. 179 more words


Give me the Courage

While traveling in America, I went to stay with distant family friends, and it turned out to be a beautiful experience. I also stayed with strangers, friends and friends of friends along the way. 591 more words


A bias for trust

Two very simple truths:

a. Don’t waste your time initiating relationships that aren’t going to thrive and benefit both sides.

b. Productive connection requires mutual trust. 157 more words