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Free Samples

It bothers me to watch the hordes at the farmer’s market, swooping in to each booth, grabbing a sample and walking away. The thin slices of handmade rye bread, or the perfect strawberries or the little glasses of juice–all of them disappear into the hands of people who have no intention of buying. 179 more words


Aristotle's Idea of Purpose & Eudaemonia

This is a quick note on Aristotle’s ideas on purpose:

  • He believed that something is good if it fulfils its purpose. For example, a plate is ‘good’ if it fulfils its purpose to serve food.
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Infinite Possibilities

I remember learning about the concept of probability a long time ago at school. The example used was a bag of 8 marbles, 4 different colours, 2 each. 539 more words


The Secret Garden Of The Soul

Here is an extract from my latest project From Logic To Enlightenment, which is going to be a kindle-only booklet of spiritual inspiration, with 100% royalties being donated to Cotswold Care Hospice. 547 more words

From The Heart

Naming Things

“Over there, by the fire, is that a stick or a snake?”

It turns out that humans have been naming things for a long time. If we know that this is a cheetah, or a grapefruit, we can make intelligent decisions on how to deal with it. 226 more words



Today I went to see my therapist. I had contacted her after the Englishman and I broke up, but she had been on holiday in the Ukraine and I only heard back from her recently. 461 more words


Indigenous (CPT)

Indigenous, also known as Scruj, is a member of an arts inspired activist movement known as SOS (Soundz Of The South). He grew up in Khayelitsha (Cape Town), which is also where he had his introduction to Hip Hop. 232 more words

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