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"Perhaps weekly posts aren't enough... Hmm..."

I promised myself before to publish a new post each weekend so that I could be a consistent blogger worthy of global attention. For most part I kept to this promise and posted something on Friday or Saturday, the weekend days here in Egypt. 641 more words


The Face of God

~ Everyone is another face of God. ~

“I am the Great Sun

A poem from a Normandy crucifix of 1632

I am the great sun but you do not see me.

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The Invisible Woman

I haven’t felt much like writing for a few weeks. It has been a long hot summer in New Zealand and at first I was having way too much fun to find time to sit down and write. 370 more words


Dumb down and scale up

Small businesses rule our economy, and each successful small businesses is expected to get bigger.

Many successful small businesses are easily scaled. The owner has created something that can be repeated, a product that can be mass produced, a process that can be franchised. 243 more words


It is your call. You named it Grace.

Enough of sitting on the sidelines, passing witty commentary in the cosy comfort of darkness.
Walk into the Light.
Who are you fooling? You can’t fool your own Self. 316 more words


Should We All Just Sleep Through January?

I’ve been a bit lacklustre recently. I did a week where I taught 12 Yoga Classes, I think I actually taught and tried to give some (at least) of my energy to over 130 people…in a week. 369 more words


Do the word

It’s possible to bend language to your will, to invest extraordinary amounts of effort and care to make words do what you want them to do. 123 more words