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The Collaboration Paradox: Why Working Together Often Yields Weaker Results

This may explain why several songs into the performance, their lead singer forgot his lyrics, struggled to improvise, and somehow mangled, “Come little darlin’, come and go with me,” into, “Down, down, down, down to the penitentiary.” 1,238 more words



By His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedānta Swami Prabhupāda

Sometimes we are put into difficulty by the laws of nature, starvation. Just like if you eat more and then next two days you cannot eat; you have to starve. 423 more words


The most important page on the web is the page you build yourself

The internet is an engine of connection. It has been from the start (email, chat, forums, blogs, social media…)

One reason that so many of the most popular sites online are those that permit people to express and expose their ideas is that those are the pages we care most about. 116 more words


Changing Gear at My Place

Welcome to Helen Place.

The street sign Helen Place is about as close as anyone can get to the actual Helen-Space-Place at the moment. I’ve gone through a wonderful moment in life where everything is changing, growing and morphing around me. 840 more words



This is a common attention-getting technique online. Throw yourself under a bus, attract spectators.

There are countless ways to reveal your embarrassments, your inner demons and your current conflicts. 63 more words


The Loss

Life is the most amazing drama one ever experiences… It’s quite strange while I am saying this because it’s a comedy out of tragedy when it happens. 270 more words


Truly Grateful

I am truly grateful for the beautiful music at my fingertips through the magic of the Internet, the gorgeous feline curled up at my feet, the warmth of the hot lemon and honey I just made as it glides down my throat and the truely wonderful friendships that sustained me throughout the day…Thank you Universe.