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Haircutapalooza MMXIV

Hey Gang! It’s haircut time again, and I need some help picking a new ‘do. Below are some illustrations of potential coiffures and a handy poll widget. 180 more words


Sonnet V: Redoubt

All was given, everything was left,
And every hope would swell that I redeem
With nothing taken out; and when I deftly
Built up my… 100 more words


Intro 5: Siege

The depths of my soul
Sent me spinning into cloister and redoubt
No wall was left untouched
Except  that in my desperately held defense
Myself remained, but nothing more



Melville, Moby Dick, and Self-Referential Meaning

Starting at least as long ago as Euclidean Geometry ~300 BC and lasting until the 1930s, there was a generally held assumption amongst scholars that it should be possible, in principle, to build mathematical/logical systems within which any statement constructed within the rules spelled out by that system could be unambiguously determined to be either true or false. 1,984 more words

2014 Selections

Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2, Vs 33-36

You have two life purposes. One is the same for everyone, the other is unique to you.

If you will not undertake this rightful challenge, avoiding your own dharma and glory, you will gain only misfortune and harm. 737 more words


On the definitions of sophrosune in the Charmides

For reference (some god perhaps knows whose) here are what I determine to be the seven definitions of sophrosune (plus three transitional forms) which fall to… 1,357 more words

I think I am

I think I am
I think I see
I even think I know
and know what to do

But what is seeing and knowing
and who thinks… 26 more words