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That's very meta

Self-reference can occur in anything. I wanted to write post about it, so I opened my site and started writing. I had to think about what I’d put into it and how I’d make it smart. 580 more words

Why It’s Good To Be Wrong

Nothing obstructs access to the truth like a belief in absolute truthfulness.

By David Deutsch Illustrations by Gérard DuBois January 15, 2015

Re-Post from Nautilus… 3,299 more words

Civil Society

The Surprise Test Paradox

As promised, today’s blog post is about the Surprise Test Paradox. A quick recap:

On Friday, a teacher says to their class that on some day during the next week, there will be a surprise test. 726 more words


Alan Lightman - Mr. g (2012)

Wouldn’t the beauty have more meaning with other minds to admire it? Wouldn’t it be transformed by other minds? I’m not talking about a passive admiration of beauty, but a participation in that beauty, in which everyone is enlarged.

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