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Take A Grip and Lets Get Going!

A girl gotta do what a girl gotta do. My spirit is back! ;)


Scared? Do It Anyway!

I am in the process of recording some of my first vlogs.

Yes, I said…vlogs.

A blog message by video = vlog.

Vlog was a term I had never heard before until I started to see it take the blogging world by storm about a year ago by some of the thought leaders I looked up to… 723 more words

Self Reflection

My Expectations or Yours?

Have you ever had expectations?

More specifically, have you ever had expectations of how other people should be?

What others should do?

How others should act in specific situations? 395 more words

Personal Growth

A Return to Art: Cultivating Self

Note: I am behind on my Fasti post for April, and I apologize to anyone looking for it.  I got hit with chronic illness after a bout of stomach flu, and this is the first week in almost a month I’ve felt even remotely capable of thought.   1,013 more words


Why Would I Tell My Story?! And..Who Would Care Anyway?!

Tell my story?!

No way.

No how.

Not going to happen.

My first reaction is…who would care anyway?

Opening myself up to be vulnerable and allow people in…is scary. 449 more words

Personal Development

My Wants (In Poem/Lyric Form)

I want people to know I have lived a full life and intend to continue to do so.
I am a thrill-seeker, a peace maker, a dreamer, always readjusting my flow. 127 more words

Self Reflection

Would You Follow You?

It is common when people here the word, “leader” to associate it with things like title, position, money, achievement, power.

While these generalizations may be a way of looking at the concept of leadership, it doesn’t completely capture the entire definition. 483 more words

Personal Development