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A Memory To Behold

My youngest took his backpack from the bedroom and bid goodbye.

He and his big brother put up a tent made of blankets in the living room, which serves as their classroom. 565 more words


Sometimes I just want to Yell...

‘Stop blaming others! Do some reflections and and own it up!’


Duskpunk: Day Two Hundred Five

Overwhelmed state continues, happiness, however, feels quite close at hand.

This is summer.  This is what we crave in the long winter when we say summer is when we are able to do things, winter is when we must wait. 477 more words


Summer Lovin'

Something happens to me during the summer months…

I become completely enamored with the opposite sex. My love awakens as if it’s coming out of a long, hibernation like slumber. 247 more words


What did I learn from this last seminar?

This last seminar helped to bed a few things in for my art practice. This was helped by the lots of reading, thinking and analyzing I had done since the April seminar.

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Self Reflection

Passion wants blood

I was quietly lifting on a balmy sunday morning. Through gentle clouds of chalk and age old dust I dimly see my loaded barbell. It taunts me, it mocks me. 629 more words


Missed beats

A meandering thought,

stuck in time

a word caught

at the tip of the top

the sun’s gaze

warms the earth beneath

and the earth shudders… 64 more words