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Anatomy of an Emotionally Intelligent Leader

This is Conner the Communicator, and he has dropped by the Breakfast Blog today to help us with Emotionally Intelligent Leadership.

As you can see Conner has some special articles of clothing on today, which provide us with anatomical representations of EI in  Leadership! 646 more words


What is your BEST Emotional Intelligence Quality?


Follow the link to determine your strongest quality of Emotional Intelligence and Leadership!



This and that...

Just a reminder that Tuesdays are our day to exchange books in the library. Students are welcome to return the books to the library at any time throughout the week, but they are due on the following Tuesday. 417 more words

Need To Know

Of bad investments and long waits

Every time I hear or read anything about the National Social Security Fund, my hackles rise. It is something I am very interested in but at the same time, I know it is the cause of so much stress to many people. 231 more words


The Year Ahead

This post was originally shared on the BICS Blog here.

At BICS’ first Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meeting of the school year, I had the privilege of sharing my excitement for the year ahead by speaking about BICS’ … 783 more words


A Toddler Who Never had Temper Tantrums May Not be So Great at Age Five

A Toddler Who Never had Temper Tantrums May Not be So Great at Age Five

For many children temper tantrums between the ages two and five have gradually declined in frequency and intensity. 681 more words

Post 13 -- Of Microbiomes, Meditation & Marvel

Violent children need habits that make them feel centred and calm. Their nervous systems kick into fight-or-flight high gear over the tiniest upset, and they need to be taught how to turn off the response. 926 more words