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Today's Lesson: Life in the Classroom Before Cellphones

“Although I had taught for more than 20 years, I didn’t realize that I had forgotten what it was like to teach in a classroom without cellphones until I came up with a plan to relive those halcyon days. 45 more words


Why isn't this working? (Part 3) Turning Down the Noise

Signal-to-noise ratio is not something parents think about a lot. But it matters. The question is, how easily can my child detect what matters in this situation? 603 more words


An Ode to Transitional Songs

As soon as my daughter was born, I found myself singing to her almost immediately, as if it was instinctive. Considering nursery rhymes are believed to date back as early as the 13th century, the pastime is certainly ingrained in our culture (full article from Wikipedia,  471 more words


Commentary: New Brunswick Real Estate Association v. Estabrooks, 2014 NBCA 48

By Stewart McKelvey



“The majority decision in Estabrooks will be a good precedent for professional regulatory bodies sued for malicious prosecution based on disciplinary proceedings that turned out to be unfounded – and for counsel and litigants urging a cautious approach to the expansion of any contested tort. 35 more words

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Photo of the Day: Orange Juice Squeezing

Orange squeezing gives the child a sense of self-regulation, promotes healthy concentration, and a sequence order.


Fingerpointing, Unaccountability and Infrastructure Aversion at Lac-Megantic

Raitt stands by railway safety self-regulation, despite Lac-Megantic report


Twenty years of “self-regulation” (a loaded term when used by the government) is a blip on the radar when compared to the hundreds of years the government had to f*ck it up prior.

Government Fury

SELF-EFFICACY: Because failure is but a milestone at close quarters.

In obstructing situations, when presented with a challenge how often do you question whether you could follow through with it?

Or what could possibly go wrong?

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