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There's Always Something

Today I’m going to visit a physiology prof’s third year class. Yup. Me. Who took “Astronomy for Poets” as my science requirement in undergrad. I’m going to watch someone else teach. 535 more words


Net neutrality is an international issue

Net neutrality is currently a “hot” topic in the regulation of electronic communications. In many countries, such regulation is the subject of intense debate, both within the industry as well as among the politicians, while other countries have already implemented regulation of net neutrality. 1,372 more words

Net Neutrality

The Feldenkrais Method: A Dynamic Approach to Changing Motor Behavior

The Feldenkrais Method® has recently been discussed to fit within a dynamic systems model of human movement. One basis for this discussion is that small changes in one system—for example, enhanced body awareness—has far reaching implications across the whole of human performance ( 105 more words

Feldenkrais Method

Modernization - First Wave and Next Wave

About five years ago we started discussions in our district about modernizing the classroom. At that point it was really a discussion about creating a level playing field with technology in our schools. 529 more words


Home and GO Away!

Home and Away. One of Australia’s most popular television shows. I mean how long has it been running now? Way too long if you ask me!  503 more words


Dehumanization and violence of video games- regulating the consumption of children’s gaming activity

The idea that video games are influencing negative behaviour within children is an ongoing social anxiety. Video games that involve killing of random citizens, bombing buildings, women in degrading roles and anti-social behaviour can have parents questioning how is this affecting their children? 302 more words