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Therapy Defined: Self-Regulation

Definition of self-regulation intervention or therapy: H is given the downtime he needs to delve into his interests and to regroup and relax when he needs it… 407 more words


Day #140 - A Different Type of Loss

So what can all of that sensory over/under stimulation cause? Many children (including my own) experience this sensory over/under load and can lead them further onto the spectrum.   783 more words

Popcorn Day and the Marshmallow Test

Many of you will be now be aware through the media of the “Marshmallow Test”
where a young child is offered a marshmallow to eat. However, if he or she can wait for a certain amount of time (up to 20 minutes), a second marshmallow will be given. 495 more words


The Immeasurables

Each year, many students in Grades Four and Seven around British Columbia participate in the Foundational Skills Assessments (FSAs) which is followed in the springtime by a report by the Fraser Institute  1,059 more words


Dissociative Identity Disorder

By Izabeth

That moment when the

dissociative migraine

has finally gone

and all faculties

have gathered in one place now.

Your body exhausted,

the switching too intense to… 45 more words


MILF Mania (…….and Excess Baggage)

So according to Dictionary.com, MILF is an acronym for ‘M(um) I(‘d) L(ike) (to) F(uck)’. Well there’s an intro for you! Or if you prefer a more conservative definition here it is: ‘MILF- an attractive older woman, usually a mother, who is regarded as a sexual object by a younger man.’ The acronym is also categorised under Vulgar Slang and despite this, ‘MILF’ has made its way into today’s secular communities, weaving itself comfortably amongst our everyday language. 1,091 more words