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Pride: n. selfrespect and belief in one’s own (worth and/or ability) and/or (merit and/or superiority) and/or power to achieve a goal(s)

Being proud of your achievements is a largely instinctual emotion and being proud of your offspring or group achievements is an extension of your pride to other humans. 188 more words

Common Sense

"Gotta Get Through Here, Dude"

Do not be your dorky self. Do not make a scene. Do not call attention to yourself. Do not show your feelings. Do not, under any circumstances, act as if you matter. 962 more words

When Admitting You’re Wrong is Better than Being Right

I have a very good friend who is a wonderful person, yet he struggles in vain to be able to admit he is wrong, about almost anything, no matter how small or inconsequential. 528 more words


Start from the scratch

The bad things about me, i starting hurt my self more while i am getting hurt. No respect to my own body or principle. When i got married, i thought everything would change. 480 more words

I Remember Your Lips on My Neck, But...

I cannot remember
the last time
I was kissed
by somebody
who loved me
(as much as I
loved them.)

But I can remember
the last time  22 more words

Ramblings & Tidbits

Motivational Quote

“Don’t Start a Diet That Has an Expiration Date…

Focus on a Lifestyle That Will Last Forever”


“Exercise to be Fit,  Not Skinny. 

Eat to Nourish Your Body…

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Words Of Wisdom

When can you move on from a bad break up?

It’s the stupidest, silliest thing that I can imagine. A few weeks ago I went into a supermarket  and I had a bit of an emotional breakdown simply because the supermarket resembled another supermarket that I used to go to with my ex. 540 more words