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Post Script: D'ruther

I think I was a bit negative in the first part of Sunday evening’s blog post. The “Should/Don’Wanna” inner dialog is so familiar to me and perhaps to others as well. 573 more words


Ask Stirfry

Dear Stirfry,

                When it was strictly Otto that was writing this column, I did not feel like I could submit a question of a personal nature here, but with that not being the case anymore, hopefully you might be able to help me.  325 more words

The 20 Year Battle

It was a Saturday night. I was about a month from the end of my freshman year of college and a couple of friends and I decided to stay in and watch movies and eat pizza. 1,597 more words

Self Respect

Have you ever wondered?

Do I respect myself?

When I am tired do I rest? When I am hungry do I feed myself well? When I am lethargic do I get active? 281 more words

Over 40

If Your Love is Hidden Is It Real?

On three different occasions yesterday I was asked what I thought about a woman who is a ‘Side Piece’. Did I think they were wrong or delusional? 1,082 more words

Self Growth

Disloyal Vs Unfaithful

Many people believe that monogamy is unnatural. Others that’s the only way to have a healthy relationship.

Speaking for myself, rationally I think there’s a huge difference between being disloyal and being unfaithful. 127 more words


Why "Modest is the hottest" is a Harmful Way of Thinking

It seems like ever since I turned 13, I was told how what I wore during last year’s summer was not proper clothing anymore. Apparently, showing my skin was immodest. 745 more words