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Unique Not Different.... Why Are You Insecure?

Why am I so insecure? A lot of us ask this question daily. We look at ourselves with critical eyes and without knowing it we already see the person in the mirror as lacking. 932 more words

Self Growth

Loving yourself with Power

There are many archetypal traits in our psyche that plays up every once in a while, some are a life time show of characteristics in us and others have brief moments in certain circumstances. 867 more words

been there, done that

spent a life time, gave

it all i had trying to

do it your way – done

Yoga And Addiction

what a joke.

hi all.

it’s obviously been far too long since I’ve sat down to let some creativity that wasn’t related to college flow from my finger tips…so let’s get started. 1,279 more words

To treasure or to trash... Are you taken for granted? Do you have no self-respect?

If you think a bit about these two questions, you realize that they are co-related. Well, I’m guessing, nobody begins life thinking to oneself, “I have no self-respect”. 1,163 more words


Short video for wives: Do you have dignity?

Click here to watch a 3 minute video that will inspire you to become a woman with dignity and self-respect!