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Anger- Don't let it consume you

Anger is an expression, a state of mind, an unwillingness to control our emotions the right way. Anger is a constant measure of one’s toil with own emotions and consequential loss of control. 142 more words


Restraint of Tongue and Pen

Restraint of tongue and pen is an expression commonly heard in the 12-step meetings I attend.  It is a reference to a paragraph in the book… 775 more words


Celebrating Ramadan during World Cup Season


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Even during the Football World Cup, players and fans alike are celebrating Ramadan.

Ramadan is about quitting bad habits and practicing self-restraint, says Liz Wylie. 47 more words


Pace it down and look beyond the Veil

As i was jogging through the park in the morning, I was so keen on nipping a 5km, that I chose to subdue myself to the frivolous aim, and take no note of the beauty around, both scenic and humanoid. 659 more words


On practicing self-restraint

There’s a fine line between “wanna kill him” and “wanna call him”.

Ramazan Challenge Vol. 2

Last summer, I set myself a challenge: Not taking in anything sweet during the holy month of Ramazan.  Time flies and the moment has come again. 116 more words

Customs And Curiosities

Lonely and self-restrained

I’ve been aching for skin for some time now. It’s in my dreams, my daydreams, everywhere I look. It’s a kind of tepid pain, a longing, a long-distance call to a promise of a fleeting touch. 121 more words