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Lenten Lessons - Palm Sunday

I would have given anything to be there. To be one of the women following Jesus into Jerusalem. Walking behind him with my friends. Trying to keep him in sight as he sits astride the donkey, acknowledging the cries of his supporters. 894 more words


too many people are full of...

It would be SO easy to complete this sentence with, well, I’ll let you pick your own feces-related slang word.  However, even though they are, excrement isn’t what I’m referring to in terms of what too many people are full of.   519 more words

Which do You Give Him?

I will praise the name of God with a song, And will magnify Him with thanksgiving. This also shall please the Lord better than an ox… 267 more words

Holy Bible

Arthur Schlesinger Jr on Self-Righteousness

“Self-righteousness in retrospect is easy – and also cheap.”


too many people are...self-righteous...(i love this one!)

(This is a “You Can Call It An Opinion, But I AM Right” Four-Part Series.  Part Three…)

The term “self-righteous” is an adjective.  An adjective describes a noun.  409 more words

F - Forgiveness

Forgiveness – For years I have held onto my hurt and anger, not wanting to forgive others for what I perceived as them deliberately trying to hurt me.  610 more words

Meandering Thoughts

is that so

Cold walk in the morning

Bracing winds–why did I wear shorts?

Bright sun does not find
My heart, darkened by yesterday’s storm.

Narratives of vicious injustice… 41 more words