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Finishing well

Why am I surprised at people’s responses these days?  Christians unfortunately can be some of the worst examples of mercy, grace and yes, forgiveness.  Why do I think this?   676 more words

A Bit More Serious

1Timothy 1:15 It is a trustworthy statement, deserving full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, among whom I am foremost of all.

“Despair’s head is cut off and stuck on a pole by the salvation of ‘the chief of sinners.’ No man can now say that he is too great a sinner to be saved, because the chief of sinners was saved eighteen hundred years ago. 416 more words


The New American Hero: A Self-Righteous Cultural Critic Converts Me

Every year a few days before Veterans’ Day, Salon.com runs an editorial in which some whiny Leftwing pseudointellectual mocks or otherwise disparages members of the US Military. 1,058 more words

Self-confidence vs. Confidence in Another

There once was a man.  This man was born in an non-Christian family.  In his early High School years he went to a High School youth event where he was introduced to the Christian faith.  529 more words

I'm Pretty Much Right

With everything I read, I find
My views all vindicated;
And those who (I suppose) oppose
Me, are unmitigated

Bankruptcies of befuddled thought
Who can or will not see: 13 more words

Original Poems

The Fall of Man and Accidents of Birth

Every single day that I decide not to fashion a flute out of another human being’s femur bone is a small victory.  I know that I am a flawed human being that occasionally has an unreasonable temper.   442 more words


In a school run by bullies

everything you do is wrong,

and it comes up bold on notice-boards.

To God,we must pray

respect to all our teachers,we must pay… 142 more words