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Mind Your Own Business

I’ve grown weary

of attempting to meet

up to your high expectations

I have read everything you have

And according to those words,

no one is perfect… 67 more words


Hiding, a New Friend, and Buyer's Remorse

So I have a new friend and I adore her. It’s weird at first I wondered if I was looking for a replacement. That I’m on the re-bound for a friendship lost. 1,072 more words



Activism, charity, philanthropy – these are all about making a difference for a meaningful cause, not about your warm fuzzy. The warm fuzzy is supposed to be just a pleasant side-benefit. 101 more words

This Stops Now!

Today, I took some random personality quiz, for fun. Then I read my result…and all of the others as well. Lo and behold, a piece of each of them applied me in part, and none of them were on point – they often contained some quality that was radically different from how I knew I was. 430 more words


What You Deserve

You’re sad because

You’ve not received

The kindness

You think you deserve.

I think

You’ll receive exactly

What you’ve put

Into the world.


From These Stones

From These Stones

Pride  makes people feel  pretty special  —  even better than  those around them.     But pride  is deceptive.     It makes one think better  of themselves  than they are  in reality.     673 more words


You Know the Kind, or You Are the Kind

I had been outlining a blog, as well as a case study, involving people who believe others’ opinions are wrong (one of the best-known jokes in the world of one-sided, intellectual debate*).  352 more words