Keeper Of Secrets

Since I’m always just there not being consequential or anything, I’m victim to an enormous hunger. And I’m talking about the tummy AND the brain. There are basically two things I run on – food and lotsa food and silent judgments and observations of the fabulous and consequential people around me. 419 more words


The Past a Prison

I often list, in the middle of the night, how far I have come and how many things I have done in life. I know I have not done much, but it felt good to count all my little accomplishments and feel a sense of self-satisfaction. 366 more words


Why You Should Believe The Little Lies.

Right when we tuck ourselves into bed, lay our head on a pillow or two, and get comfortable is when our mind is the most restless. 357 more words


Oh, Self-Satisfied (Tanka)

oh, self-satisfied – /
with your paint box full of oils! /
oh, so oblivious! /

yeah – while you’re painting, mister, /
will you paint us shelter? 48 more words

Fight Resistance - Gain Momentum and Velocity

The video above is by Steven Pressfield.  He is the author of “The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles” a very readable book that I highly recommend.  595 more words

I Am Really Good at My Job

So, as I mentioned in my previous post that I work at a Japanese market. It’s a small market but it’s got a bunch of good stuff. 156 more words

The Success Cycle

Lesson I Forget:  

It is much harder, more admirable, and more important to be able to step back and attempt to develop a sense of satisfaction with who you are outside of success than it is to pursue success. 88 more words