My First Lesson in Cleaning as a Meditative Form

So I have to confess that I was not one hundred percent straight with you about not liking cleaning most of my life. There is one small detail I may have left out. 579 more words

Patience is an Act of Strength

Although negative feelings, such as impatience, will happen as a normal part of life, we can limit its destructive effect by getting to a point where it happens less frequently and with less intensity. 304 more words

My 'A' Game

Do Something Each Day To Bring You A Little Closer To Your Dreams

 One positive progressive day, step and minutes at time when taken persistently will bring you closer to the goals you set for yourself and closer to self-satisfaction of your life. 57 more words

Conscious Living

Skill Awareness

Skill means Special Knowledge, Intelligent, & Logical Level
Skill is the Special technique,
Extra Ordinate cleverness,
& Mind concentration,
with self confidence, 74 more words


Seaworld Utopia

so obviously, most people don’t believe in mermaids. the truth is,who cares if they’re real or not? just the idea of worry free creatures who spend all their time in the beautiful ocean is enough for me. 244 more words


Do You Need Validation?

The thing about writing is if you’re looking for any kind of validation

that doesn’t stem from within…




more than 90% of the time you won’t get it. 62 more words


I desire to be desired

We all are human, nothing new, we all know this. What we don’t know about ourselves is that we all have a common desire: The desire of being desirable. 290 more words