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First There Were Figs

First there were figs, then there were preserves, and peanut butter and preserve sandwiches and ice cream topped with fig preserves, and oh my, it was a joyful day.



The simplest definition of an adulteration in food means something in it has been replaced with a cheaper filler which may or may not be bad for us, but which certainly is not worth the price we’re paying for what we think is contained within the product. 1,059 more words

19th Century Food


This post may be considered a prequel to the previous post on making ginger ale as it will explore the earliest origins of what became one of the most popular drinks of the 20th century. 1,033 more words

19th Century Food

More Soda Varieties

Several people dropped a line saying they liked the article on making our own Ginger Ale I will add a few additional recipes. Any of them may be tweaked to your preference. 505 more words


GINGER ALE: Home-made Goodness©

Often in life there is good news and bad that can go hand in hand, in this article we’ll first discuss the disadvantages of drinking soda but then we’ll look at how to make a healthier alternative. 1,115 more words

19th Century Food


In 1917, the Dept. of Agriculture included in the American class of chickens the Plymouth Rock, Wyandotte, Java, Dominique, Rhode Island Red, and Buckeye. Plymouth Rocks included these varieties: Barred, White, Buff, Silver, Penciled, Partridge, and Columbian. 2,496 more words

19th Century Food

Come and Stay at Bealtaine Cottage!

I have recently come to understand the need for having a small safety net in terms of financial needs…small things like car tax, car repairs, insurance and even, at some point in the near future, a new roof on Bealtaine Cottage! 182 more words