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A bit about writing

“It’s all a bit beige”, Mrs Weaver concluded as she surveyed my plate. “We eat with our eyes”, she said over her shoulder as she walked on to the next student having barely tasted a bite. 1,305 more words

Fun Easy Halloween Decor

I love to “craft”, but I consider myself a lazy crafter. I’m definitely not a perfectionist, and I like projects to be on the short side. 96 more words


Normal life returns

Jane returned from Auckland and all went well for her. Sadly the weekend has flown and she returned to work this morning :-( .

However we had a good weekend with lots being done in the garden, never as much as was needed but it rarely is, we brought 2 Clematis plants from the local garden centre and  I promptly took cuttings from both as I caught one and broke a little off and made into a cutting but I had intended to take cuttings to increase the number of plants we have. 321 more words


Freedom of speech Wordy words

Pure Intentions. Showing Darkness to reveal light or perhaps because I have darkness, deep darkness. So much darkness. Light of the heavens is only known for it’s darkness. 380 more words

Self Expression

It's a Jungle Out There!

Here I am again with another update from the garden this weekend. I’ve still been a bit sick all week but was feeling better by the weekend. 770 more words


Thoughts on the subject of Simple Living:

As mentioned in an old post (Growing up with the Goods), I have lived much of my life with the concept of self-sufficiency. Various members of my extended family have practised this lifestyle in different forms, and with vastly differing results. 1,026 more words


Do Catholic Preppers Exist?

If you’ve been visiting Tactical Catholic for a while you know that I am sympathetic towards those commonly labeled as “preppers”.  What I have learned though, especially these last few weeks is that “prepper” and “survivalist” are being used interchangeably by the media and not to cast in a positive light those who appreciate preparedness.  534 more words

Catholic Manliness