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Reality simply gnaws

I love the term “real life”.  It’s like the word “normal”.  It’s highly presumptuous and not at all descriptive.  I tend to hear it used disparagingly- “Well, this is real life.”  I guess that, as a descriptive phrase, it’s thrown at you when you have some fantastical expectations of a situation that could never, in “reality”, be achieved. 497 more words


The Beauty of the Body

When the road you are walking on shakes and the thunder vibrates your path, it’s hard to keep your faith from flustering. It’s hard not to question your walk, your direction. 748 more words

FemmeFuel By Sasha Katz

Beautiful Cooley Mountains

It is about time we write a little bit about the place we call home…

We live in heart of Cooley Peninsula, about 80km north of Dublin. 345 more words


Our So-Called Foreign Policy: A Welcome New Call for Diplomatic Realism?

It’s hard to know what’s more surprising – that Washington Post/CNN pundit Fareed Zakaria can write a column that’s not a monument to plagiarism… 358 more words

Our So-Called Foreign Policy


Most days find me at the dining room table with books piled high around me with my granddaughter sitting next to me, learning. Our dining room has become our classroom. 770 more words


Eat What You Grow, Grow What You Eat - Rice Self-Sufficiency In The Gambia

In pristine white robes Sheik Professor Alh. Dr. Yahya AJJ Jammeh, the dictator-president of the Gambia, entered a rice field in the Gambia’s Central River Region to inaugurate the season’s harvest. 1,000 more words

Food Notes

Small is Still Beautiful

The tendency towards fragmentation is an inherent part of the human condition. The drive impelling us to express ourselves, to stand out, and to compete is within each of us. 1,627 more words