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Chickens !!!


Yes- to answer your question, I am using “Chickens” as the title for my very first blog post. I am hoping to write more and in turn gain some opportunities for later reflection and aid my memories when I have forgotten them all, but I am also hoping to connect with people, shed insight, and offer questions to life. 388 more words


Barbie and the Hounds from Hell!

I know that Ruby is a farm dog but in the recent days of somewhere near but not quite zero temperatures, I don’t have the heart to send Ruby outside. 757 more words


The Parsnip Project (4)

I had a message yesterday from someone asking me why I had not posted on my blog for a while and how was the parsnip project going? 281 more words

Green Johanna

We have a new addition to our garden. It’s sitting placidly in the corner like a great green spaceship, working industriously away as we speak. 331 more words


Pickled Shallots and More Rabbits.

I meant to post an update on the shallots on Sunday after I’d pickled them but life overtook me and the day turned unexpectedly busy, so it’s here now instead. 452 more words


Self Sufficiency in the Vege Garden

Before embarking on vege gardening 5 years ago I have to admit I had quite a rosy tinted view of how it would all pan out. 1,291 more words


Farming the Apocalypse

When there is a likelihood of even small amounts of snow, sleet or ice, I move my car to the top of the hill that shelters my farm. 241 more words