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Rain Catcher . . . and they say romance is dead! Part 3

I’ve been reminded about how crappy sanding a boat can be. I must have whinged about the job a fair bit as Noel bought me an electric sander today – and they say romance is dead! 261 more words


Creating a chore schedule to be more self sufficient

Since moving into my new place I have been trying to get my chores and projects to run on a schedule. I like the idea of doing this because I always know what has to be done that day, I never feel overwhelmed with a long list of chores to do at the end of the week, and it creates structure in my life. 233 more words

Rain-Catcher - part 2 (It Broke!)

Well the ‘you-beaut-fan-dangled’- cleaning wotsit BROKE! – on its first use! After saying some rather naughty words I sat, and had another drink . . 179 more words

Life's Little Escapades

Plan B's And Undercover Tortoises

Where to begin?… We have had all manner of excitement and mishap both in the final days of the UK and since arriving in Portugal! Fear not though, all is well, we are all happy, we are all safe, we are not all together yet but soon the furry and human Monsons will be reunited and the all new Mediterranean version of the Monson circus will resume. 2,758 more words


The Only Way To Be Self-Sufficient Is To Be Self-Employed!

You arrive to work like you do every day the same way at the same time. You go through your normal routine of turning on your cubical lights, waking up your computer and open your email. 650 more words


48 Hours

Here we are 48 hours before take off… After weeks, months even of manic packing, cleaning, sorting, chucking, selling, listing, shifting, stacking we are nearing the end, there is really not a lot to do now, other than move things we still need out from one place to another so it feels like we are doing something, and wait… Arrangements for the pony transport and the car to be dropped to us are now all finally sorted! 1,015 more words


Babies, Babies, Babies

I have never before wrote about our goat; we love goats. Goats are addicting. You can ever just have 1. We started our journey with goats so many years ago with buying some Boer Goats. 181 more words