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Other lives: Off grid

Recently, on a forum, we read about folks looking at on-line estate agents particulars and dreaming of owning impossible properties. We do this too. Most of the forum posts talked of huge houses but we dream of properties we could well afford but living a life we cannot quite grasp (yet!). 237 more words



As I lay last night in my bed, I pondered how much I’ve learned these past few months of being married and living apart from my husband. 815 more words


First post! Much wow!

I hope this blog can be a place where I can express myself (read:rant) and let the world know all about my adventures. Because really, the world should be made aware of  my failings at trying to ferment various vegetables and other kitchen activities. 163 more words

Ron Finley: “Growing Your Own Food is Like Printing Your Own Money!”


There are approximately 50 million Americans currently on food stamps or receiving some form of government assistance due to poverty. Ron Finlay is a self proclaimed Guerilla Gardener from South Los Angeles, which he says is a food desert. 397 more words


9 Keys to Living a More Self-Sufficient Life!

Self-sufficiency seems to be THE buzzword today. Everywhere you turn– you hear more and more people talking about becoming more self-sufficient, wanting to slow down and “live off the land.” 1,626 more words

Life In The Garden

NOLA Green Roots (New Orleans, LA)

We arrived in New Orleans on Friday evening. A perfect start to the weekend, we took a few days to experience the vivacious culture of the city before diving into some urban garden projects. 1,252 more words