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Where are their heads?

I am sorry for this rant, but please bear with me! I keep seeing all these people (Mostly people who have NO idea what life is like on a farm or in areas where people actually live off the land. 281 more words


Struggles of a College Student

Before college I never knew what it was life to be self-sufficient or how to manage myself without relying on others. I always had lived at home with my parents to take care of me, and the only time that I bought my own food was if I wanted a bag of chips from the corner store or something. 520 more words

A Bit About Me

Planting and sowing

I find it so fulfilling being outside in the spring and tending my garden. On Sunday we got quite a bit done.

With the help of our visitor Liva, I sowed more tomatoes, aubergines, broad beans and bazil. 109 more words



“How did every revolution in history start?” asks Philipa Farley, “with hungry people.”

When the minimum wage for farm staff was increased last year, Philipa and her mom, Susan, decided they had to act. 474 more words


How to preserve turnips: string method

We love turnips! We are talking some large round purple and white globe turnips homegrown with the use of no chemicals of ANY type. A batch of turnips chopped up and fried in some olive oil with all the greens at dinner time just can not be beat! 354 more words


My portable apartment garden.

I’ve always loved gardening. Some of my earliest memories are of my backyard garden. I’ve always just had a few plants. I started as a kid with cucumbers, then moved up to tomatoes and hot peppers later on. 422 more words

How Does Your Garden Grow?

After reading many articles on self sufficiency and the benefit of owning a home garden, I wanted to try it out for myself. This reminded me of simpler times when a family had to grow their own food as well as herbs for medicinal purposes. 677 more words