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Goodbye ghost glow

Key to success is the self tan applicator mit…I got it from Priceline and it was a bit expensive but in hindsight worth every penny. 27 more words


Beautifully bronzed vs tackily tangoed

As a typical Irish girl (with pale skin and freckles) tan is an everyday essential for me!!
Although I have naturally black hair, my skin is literally ALERGIC to the sun! 441 more words

Student Life


Ok so I’m not a huge tanning girl. I’m a pale dark haired girl (yes from Australia, we’re not all sun hogs) who sometimes like the benefit of having a tan. 235 more words


Review: LDN Skins Self Tan mousse

Oh, the time of the year when, no matter how hard you worked to hang on to it, the last tiny bit of holiday tan has escaped you… No wonder I was delighted when   332 more words


Vine Vera Presents: Tanning Without the Sun - VineVera Reviews

Many women enjoy the overall good feeling they get when they see a sun kissed glow on their skin. Some women even become addicted to the process of tanning, and righteously proclaim themselves ‘Tanaholics’ or ‘Tanorexic’. 831 more words

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The safe way to tan

I was 16 when I was first introduced to tanning beds and started using them regularly. I’m not a naturally tanned person but I’m also not super fair. 396 more words


Self Tan for fair skin

I have always been very pale and even if I were to go abroad on a week’s holiday to somewhere very sunny, my skin would never tan. 646 more words