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D.I.Y. Therapy: What is Going On Here? - Turn On Your Inner Guidance System

Need a little inspiration?
Are you searching for answers?
Turn on your inner guidance system.

Embrace your true self to learn about who YOU are and what you need. 544 more words

D.I.Y. Therapy

Five Element Qi Stimulating Stretches - Zen Shiatsu Self Treatment

This short, invigorating series of meridian stretches is great for everyday toning, and it’s a wonderful practice to bring about balance and a sense of overall well-being. 1,052 more words

Health & Wellness

About This Blog

I initially intended for this blog to be about all my reading addictions and interesting little memes and messages. I changed my mind. I’d like to write this blog as an expression of my fears, of my hopes and of what it means to live with depression. 149 more words


Task #14: Three good moments

In her latest letter, Henni from Finland gave me two different tasks, one being “Play the guitar when your boyfriend is around” and the other one being “Write down three good moments of each day for one week.” While I thought the first task would be difficult (of which I am still convinced but I have not even gotten myself to do it yet), I assumed that second one would be… 1,162 more words

Personality Disorder

Poetry - balsam for the soul

Today I want to tell you more about how I became a writer and what writing and music means to me.

It all started when I teached myself reading in the age of 3 or 4. 670 more words

Finnish Bands

Just talk

Recently I been recording myself talking as a form of therapy. Even though my older sister repeatedly said I should see a professional I still am not able to talk completely open. 313 more words

The Hurt List

I did what might sound like an odd exercise over the weekend. I’d been having a lot of issues when it came to dating. Issues with myself. 855 more words