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Just talk

Recently I been recording myself talking as a form of therapy. Even though my older sister repeatedly said I should see a professional I still am not able to talk completely open. 313 more words

The Hurt List

I did what might sound like an odd exercise over the weekend. I’d been having a lot of issues when it came to dating. Issues with myself. 855 more words


Green pain

When I was a kid I never noticed things like sunflowers pointing toward the sun. I realize now it’s a little creepy – like they have a soul or something. 432 more words


Therapeutic task #9: Make one drawing a day

Mariska from the Netherlands gave me this task:

Buy a nice journal, one without lines, and then make one drawing a day. If you do not know what to draw, look for any type of objects online or ask your penpals to tell you what to draw.

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Personality Disorder

Therapeutic task #7: Bake a Dutch boterkoek

Me and my avoidant personality disorder tend to avoid the kitchen whenever it gets more complicated than boiling water. Once it gets further than stirring or turning over whatever is in the pot or pan while my boyfriend cooks (yes, … 668 more words

Personality Disorder

Day one.

Hi, I don’t know where to begin, but this will be day one, its been about two weeks since we broke up. I finally moved out and I am starting the self healing process along with other peoples help as well. 467 more words


the elusive center

I have reason to believe that one of the main reasons why a person is burnt to the pulp these days is because of the overabundance of information that seem to demand our attention on an hourly, daily, weekly basis. 479 more words