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Things Change, Things Stay the Same

Real friends, in fact, contribute or affect how we make some of our life’s choices, decisions and sometimes on what kind of place best to have dinner then ending at fast food outlets after so much deliberations. 582 more words

When I Decided To Love Me

When I decided to love me it opened the door for me to release anything that doesn’t support my love for self. Loving myself whole heartedly allows me to know and understand my worth, which in turn allows me to clearly see when I am not getting all that I deserve. 1,764 more words


The room of my own

When my brother and I were little, we used to play this game in the afternoons sometimes. My brother would sit on one side of the bed and I would sit on the other and we would imagine that the bed was a boat and that we were floating away on the ocean.   806 more words


Let us get drunk today

Drunk on the words of our fathers’ echoing silence

Words that were spoken to them under the baobab tree by the fireside… 107 more words


Like A Girl

The other day a good friend of mine sent me a text message.  It was a picture of a post on Instagram.  It was a female, holding a sign that said “You can have ambition, but not too much.”  Followed by a caption claiming that women should feel lucky that we can even go to school, and even get paid for working, because it’s more than we should expect anyway.   767 more words

Hard time accepting success?

First of all, I feel like I’m hijacking the blog! (Can we have a Bring B.Elle Back movement, please?) I guess I’m just chatty these days.  266 more words


Dear Me.....I Love You

When was the last time somebody wrote you a Love letter? How did you feel when you received it? How does it feel knowing that they haven’t written you one in a while, or in some cases have written you a letter at all? 332 more words