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So here's what happened...

When I disappeared, I kind of left on an ambiguous note. Jay had messaged me, I’d said we would talk, I had a couple of (horrid) dates before our big conversation, and then… that’s where I left you. 758 more words


Kiss the Sky

Aiming for that goal is like reaching for the skies, you propel yourself up, you think and try a lot of ways to really reach for it and then maybe kiss it at the end because it will be the sweetest reward you can have for yourself.

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Yes, I Am Celibate - Why Is It Such A Big Deal?

I wrote this awhile back in response to the reaction & questions I got when a new friend found out about my celibacy. It’s not a secret. 499 more words


Love Yourself (Too)

Love Yourself

You won’t get very far,

Until you accept who you are

Every sin and stain and scar

No, you won’t get very far… 341 more words

Reflection In The Well

A few days ago I ran into someone from my past. This person’s behavior was extremely rude and condescending. Everyone in the room noticed it. Instead of being angry, I really felt sorry for the person. 362 more words

Things Change, Things Stay the Same

Real friends, in fact, contribute or affect how we make some of our life’s choices, decisions and sometimes on what kind of place best to have dinner then ending at fast food outlets after so much deliberations. 582 more words