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Despite What You Told Me

Dear Church,

Dear Family,

Dear Ex-Lovers and Ex-Friends,

Dear Myself,

Despite what you told me, what you showed me, what you ground into my being with a sharp heel, 532 more words

Valuing your art

I have been quiet for a while! These last years, I have been suffering with chronic pain, and my pregnancy and c section made it worse. 595 more words

Contemporary Art Thoughts

The Liebster Award - I was Nominated! So Cool!

Yes, I am a Liebster Award nominee! What does that mean? Well, it means that one of my fellow bloggers thought enough about me to nominate my blog for the Liebster Award. 1,994 more words

My Thoughts Exactly

Evaluate Realistically (Romans 12:3-8)

Many define self-esteem as “feelings of worth based on their skills, accomplishments, status, financial resources, or appearance.” This kind of self-esteem can lead a person to feel independent and prideful and to indulge in self-worship, which dulls our desire for God. 416 more words

I'll Be There To Catch Myself

A large part of my healing journey has been focused on the hall marks of the third chakara – self-love, self-worth, self-value, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-assurance. 1,467 more words


On Liking Yourself:

I’m going to write many posts about liking yourself. That’s the personal journey I’ve been on for the last few years. It seems like a never ending process, but that’s because it is. 684 more words


Know Your Value or Sell Yourself Short -- It's Up to You

The thing about knowing your value is this: you have to be the one to believe it first before anyone else will. This is not what we are taught. 474 more words