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Things Beyoncé taught me

I’ve been doing a lot of self-work this last week, making the decision to start working out for the sake of being healthy instead of trying to attain some (unrealistic) goal. 697 more words


I challenge YOU. Are you up for the challenge?

As an 80’s child I recall being inundated with slogans like RIF: reading is fundamental and Knowledge is Power. I reflect on these phrases now because they remind me about the liberating power of reading. 481 more words

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Find the Love Balance... A Continual process...

There’s the old adage that relationships take work… but why is that? Does it have anything to do with the fact that we were warned by our mothers, as the Shirelles sang in 1961: Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This?  470 more words

Health: Mind

I wish I wish I wish I wish

Do you ever find yourself starting your thoughts or sentences with “I wish so and so would…..”? Is it usually when you are frustrated with that persons behavior or communication. 848 more words

Why I am not Serial Dating

Hey everyone, Kelsey here! Sorry it’s a while I’ve been sooo f—ing busy I haven’t had a second of spare time! Okay so here goes…. serial dating…. 620 more words

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The Multitude of Selves

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.” – Walt Whitman

The idea that man has a multitude of selves is very interesting. 306 more words

U. Downing

17 Things You Need To Know About People Who Like To Be Alone

1. “You fell off the face of the Earth!” is not a thing anybody wants to hear. A suitable alternative would be: “I haven’t heard from you in a while, how are you?” (Just because somebody isn’t interacting with you doesn’t mean they cease to exist.) 599 more words

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Below is a post by blogger Brianna Wiest from her site "Thought Catalog." She outlines 17 things everyone needs to keep in mind about people who like their alone time. This is a very important article to read and digest. This applies to how we may operate, not only as individuals, but as professionals. Each teacher has their own personality and work style. This goes for students as well. Introverted students have a way of thinking and operating that may be completely different from other students. We need to find ways to cultivate this in class. Instead of asking them to continually participate and join group circles, we could give them the opportunity to journal their responses or create an independent project from those responses. This all leads up to the spiritual portion of this article. Brianna Wiest didn't explicitly discuss spiritual implications of people who like to be alone, but I will expound on them. It is important for us to embrace our alone time so that the holy spirit can begin to work on us and minister to us. When He has all of our attention, it is easier for the rhema word to sink into our spirits without distractions coming from every angle. It also becomes easier for us to decipher what is coming from the holy spirit and what is coming from us and those around us, because we are spending quality time with our thoughts. There should be at least one reflection assignment a week going on in our classes. It allows students the space and opportunity to critically think about their actions, review and preview their surroundings, and make better decisions that, hopefully, the holy spirit is a part of.