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How To Use ThetaHealing On Yourself

One of the things people in ThetaHealing® classes want to know the most is how to work on themselves. It was what I wanted to know when I began my Theta journey. 1,099 more words

Theta Musings

On why I REALLY miss school...

This week, my partner is adjusting to a new work and class schedule. Our mailbox has been overflowing with used textbooks. He is already overwhelmed by his new syllabuses, venting about the over-zealous freshman and discussing the interesting articles he has been assigned. 1,124 more words


Walking Each Other Home

Basking in wholeness and celebration of self and Virgo’s everywhere through this nurturing new moon. Last night I had a beautiful intention ceremony through clearing away habitual and physical clutter and rearranging my room and altars. 331 more words


Why Freya Makes Me Cry

I started out writing a post explaining the love notes, but ended up writing the “why she makes me cry” post. It is what it is…. 1,620 more words


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With the exception of the agreement to check in daily for notes to pass on, this description of life with an open heart in service to Freyja (not just Freyja, but especially Her) is so very much my experience too. "Does she laugh or cry for no apparent reason?" Yes. I always have and I always will. But now maybe more people will see WHY. --Ember--

Guest Post: WTF? 10 Counterproductive Behaviors of Social Justice Educators

I have been struggling with how to do the work so many of us call “social justice.” I understand the why, or I at least think I do. 1,687 more words

Social Justice

Am I the only person that does this?

Self-esteem. For the longest time I DENY myself the pleasure of bliss of giving myself what I want. Today I totally re-examined the idea of self-esteem through what I “allow” myself to do or have. 52 more words