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Launch of the Barclycard arena

On the 30th of November, tasked to create the opening sequence to be held to be held at the Barclycard arena on the 2nd of December. 61 more words

Self Work

DNA Activation details, the Energy is vibrating at an all time HIGH Frequency NOW

DNA Activation, Indigo DNA, Angelic Humans and more. Expand your consciousness with ancient sacred knowledge of exploring your LIGHT BODY. The Soul is always in the OmniLOVE presence and us as humans have this amazing ability to expand upon what we even dreamed possible within this life time. 67 more words


Is the EGO truly Edging Out God?

Do you know about your ability to be a CO-Creator?  The SOUL is also known as the GOD-SELF, so when a person creates the powerful connection to purpose of existence, daily life flows with the control of only two.  104 more words


Beautiful Dream....I love you Sunshine

“It was a beautiful dream”, she whispered as she drifted out to sea

It was lovely, wasn’t it?

Free from worry, free from care. Their nest was her solace and his cocoon. 526 more words


The Train of Thoughts to Nowhere

My meditations recently have been filled with thoughts of the future. My mind doesn’t want to let go of it’s desire to plan. For what? This winter. 410 more words


Things Beyoncé taught me

I’ve been doing a lot of self-work this last week, making the decision to start working out for the sake of being healthy instead of trying to attain some (unrealistic) goal. 697 more words


I challenge YOU. Are you up for the challenge?

As an 80’s child I recall being inundated with slogans like RIF: reading is fundamental and Knowledge is Power. I reflect on these phrases now because they remind me about the liberating power of reading. 481 more words

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