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Workplace relationships

People are social animals; our need to connect often is the result of not being in a satisfying relationship, whether we are single or married. Everybody needs something from somebody every day, whether it is recognition, support, or inclusion. 210 more words

So I'm Back Here Again

Alright, I said I was going to just blog over at Moonlight Techs (http://www.moonlighttechs.com/blog/) for those of you who follow it, and I blog over there a fair amount, but almost all of that stuff is about Website Updates and tech and I felt like the focus I had here really didn’t fit in. 234 more words


Thoughts on Size, Health and Weight Loss

Let’s play a little game.  I’m going to share the stories of two (completely made up) women and you tell me which one you would guess is the healthiest. 825 more words


Art and the Immaculate Collection

You Are Never Alone

Yesterday Art had me taking photos. Music was playing, and as I uploaded this image the words called out in song magically happened to be “I Say a Little Prayer.” … 207 more words


No Longer A War Zone

my parents waged a war against me
a war to kill my spirit
and for some bizarre reason
we chose my body as the battleground… 103 more words



I told them months earlier that most groups I’ve been in had a sort of pet phrase that everyone liked to say. It was something everybody would organically reach an agreement on, that we would all understand the meaning of, and that would raise the spirit of togetherness. 610 more words


Be Your Badass Self!

Are you your badass self? Well, if you’re not, it’s time to be! Don’t let anyone tell you that your anything less than perfect! Buying into that lie is like buying a Daewoo and thinking your buying a BMW. 51 more words