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The deathly clutch of comparison

Recently I’ve had a bit of a realisation.

I’ve been hiding behind the belief that I need to stay connected, need to keep myself aware of what other coaches are doing, need to contribute to the melting pot of shared content… And while all of these things are true, this belief has snowballed a set of behavioural patterns around social media that I’m becoming more and more aware of, and more and more ashamed ff. 338 more words


Season of Self Worth

Do you remember when I was writing about “The Season of Self Love?” If you don’t you can go visit my page titled “Self Love” and read the archives. 170 more words

On the way home from the grocery store Sunday, I noticed something on the sign outside the middle school near my house. I pass this school dozens of times each week and since I no longer have school-age children, I usually ignore it. 279 more words


I am NOT a victim!

I posted yesterday about how most blogs about pornography addiction are either highly focused on religion, or super bitter stories of sex-addicted husbands kicked to the curb. 152 more words


Once Upon A Truth: Glinda

Here at Ramblings, we think there’s more to learn from our favourite stories than their authors would have us believe …


Improve your self-esteem by Suzanne Zachariah

We are our own worst enemies sometimes. We can be so cruel to ourselves. “How could I have done something so colossally stupid?”, “I’m too fat”, “I don’t have anything interesting to add to the conversation”, “Surely this person will not like me when they really get to know me”, “I’ll never be as good as this person at this job”, and so on. 420 more words

Personal Development

Self-Worth and Validation

I recently heard someone say recently that what you are seeking from the world is what you are looking for from yourself. I think that this holds some degree of truth. 734 more words