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Self Promotion!!!

I get annoyed when I see self promotion of Youtube channels on other people’s videos. It is the same with sub4sub! You aren’t really getting actual fans or subscribers by self promoting, people would share, like and comment on your videos if they actually enjoyed them. 108 more words

I found my old live journal

It’s embarassing, but not in the way it should be for an 18 year old girl. Most of my posts were political rants and poetry, I found one that makes me feel like a narcissist (something I use to be before I found more things and people to care about in life). 446 more words

Atmananda 48

To the ordinary man, the apparent “I” is a compound of Consciousness & Bodies gross (physical) & subtle (mental). Conceding for the time being the existence of the lower self, let us proceed to examine its composition, to eliminate from the “I”-principle all the rest. 532 more words


The Daily Tracker - Day 30 - Santa Baby

I did very well yesterday good activity and 3 activity points, lots of stairs and steps. The Weight Watchers web site is still wonky but I was able to log in and track. 60 more words

Weight Loss

We, the victims of our happiness

I recently came across this brilliant article by Hanno Rauterberg in the german newspaper Die Zeit. Here is my attempt at translating it:

We, the victims of our happiness… 1,000 more words



Now i want you to say…

“And I’m gonna keep havin’ a beautiful day!”

Bonus Jam(a personal favorite)

keep it simple.

namaste ya’ll.