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Memento mori

I recognise that face: it grew with me;
Has preened and pursed, paled and palled,
Grown whiskers – brown at first,
Now grey — ‘silver’, I prefer. 34 more words


Random Musings at 1 Week Out

I feel oddly calm today. I don’t feel stressed, I’m not worried, and I just feel generally relaxed. Considering that I’m about 1 week out from my first ever men’s physique competition, I’m worried that I’m not worried. 275 more words


What keeps you awake at night? [Thoughts]

With Halloween swarming everywhere I look (tonight I even saw a Ghostbuster), spiders here, scary clowns there, I wonder… If these are the common fears, then what about failure, the uncertain future, abandonment, the death of loved ones, not being good enough? 319 more words


One of Those Nights

“Everything is very quit, everyone has gone to sleep,
I’m wide awake, on memories, these memories can’t wait”

- “Memories Can’t Wait” – Talking Heads…

639 more words

Happy Halloween!

Today is a special day to me because it is my sister’s birthday. It is also a day that I can get out of bed, brush my teeth and go straight to work and people think I look great. 175 more words


Internal Glass Ceilings, the Comfort of Invisibility, and the stigma of Largeness

I figured I would start my little exploration into Persona the same way I started creating my own “sound” in music, by imitating people that I admire, and since I happened to have that Stevie Nicks costume already… 663 more words


Taking a Break

Hi guys,

I am going to keep this pretty short.  There are some intensely private and hard things going on in my personal life right now and I have reached a place where I am unable to maintain my YouTube channels and blogs.   67 more words

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