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I have to say 2014 was a lazy year! I don’t think I have ever sleep so much in a year before.

It was a year where I did get to do some amazing things like work for a casting agency here in Boston and meet Seth Macfarlane and be an assistant casting director for a Disney film called the Finest Hours. 316 more words


Authenticity: Nature or Nurture?

Yesterday I wrote a post about how our children reflect who we are. Today I found this quote on Facebook that reminded me of the same message, but it also brought to mind another topic. 488 more words


RSL Bootcamp - the first three weeks of Radical Self Love

Let’s be real. I deliberated over the RSL Bootcamp for months.¬† It seemed like a huge deal when I decided to sign up. In fact it was. 537 more words

Feeling Like Alice in Wonderland

I am reading an amazing book recommended by Christie Inge on her website called “Find Your Own North Star” by Martha¬†Beck. I am over highlighting and having a-ha moments every couple pages. 493 more words

My sister’s house is tiled. It’s a small tile, with the look and feel of a spanish stucco’s shingle.
My father’s house is floored with marbled flanks of stone, the kind that sucks the porous soles of xerofila’s children. 39 more words


Nights of Torture

I feel very ashamed today. I feel large and inadequate. I feel stupid and undisciplined. I feel pathetic and hopeless. And, most of all, I feel alone. 151 more words

Eating Disorder

"What's Your Number?"

{Warning: this article will be a bit crass}

Why does it matter?

For those who don’t know what this question means, it’s not asking for your phone number. 527 more words