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Original Self Series


That last full moon, that last supermoon that we had pulled me, more or less kicking and screaming, into a descent I could feel coming but really wanted to avoid. 211 more words

Creative Living

Houston, We Have a Problem

We all have that one group of people who just can’t figure this shit out. This group, however, happens to be the entire population of freshman girls.  359 more words

Rants From A Frustrated Pixie

There's something so beautiful about pain

It’s almost poetic to me. Bit by bit. It’s something that so few people can see the beauty in. But it’s pain. It’s so real. Sometimes we feel like we can’t escape it, and when we have finally escaped it, sometimes we look back and laugh. 82 more words

My Little Fae.

This is the first lifestyle related post on this subject, and one I never really thought about writing until my little fae mentioned it the other day, I have to admit it had never even crossed my mind to write (again) on… 385 more words



Wacky yet sensible
Artistic when it’s meaningful
Young at heart, old in spirit
Nightly savant of
Earthly adherence