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I'm sorry

My son is an adorable and smart kid. I have talked about him in this blog, especially to provide illustrations of developmental milestones. But, in order to put his achievements in context, it’s necessary to mention that he’s developmentally delayed. 496 more words

Developmental Psychology


The burning light shone down on me.
I tried to turn away, I could hardly see.
The figure in the dark, away from the spotlight… 34 more words


She has both of her eyes,
But she refuses to see.
She chooses to be blind
than to accept she’s me.

I am the part of her… 48 more words

Four years

Four years ago today, I drove James to a park and set out a blanket and some flameless candles. I asked him to be my boyfriend, and he happily said yes. 43 more words


Simple Pleasures

I sat there on a purple milk crate, content in the moment. It was a compelling experience to say the least. Having being acquainted with my backyard for seventeen years or so, I honestly could not remember the last time I indulged in the simple pleasure of doing absolutely nothing. 91 more words

environmental adjustments.

Out with the old, in with the new. I finally bought a shelf for records. Meaning vinyl albums of the 12″ size.

I’ve used a too-small, overly crowded bookshelf until very recently. 279 more words



I am suddenly afraid of honesty. I begin writing and stop myself by the second sentence. I was proud of how easily I would speak my secrets, now I wonder how much is too much. 227 more words