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Know thy Self

Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories. -Sun Tzu



My Greatest fears Realized.

Photography scares the hell out me. A photographers nightmare is shooting at high noon with no shade in sight. Not i,I don’t have to think about how i will get my clients to smile or relaxed in front of my camera because it just comes naturally. 310 more words


Day 274

My confinement continues without a foreseeable end.

As of yet, I do not know how I came to be in this dark place only that I cannot escape. 332 more words



Well I’m mostly better. Maybe like 20% sick still. But I’m getting through it. My weekend has been lonesome, as you are aware. I’ve had plenty of chances to feel down, but I haven’t committed to sadness, or chosen a road that would lead to it. 309 more words

Mental Illness

24/11/14: single pringles

Its seems that we often forget that for every majority there is a minority and that without those of us who fit into these random, against the norm¬†anomalies the majority wouldn’t exist. 862 more words


This feels like me.

It’s getting late now. Too late. I should be sleeping. Or reading. Or, if everything had gone as planned: writing. Writing my assignment. But I don’t feel like it. 1,346 more words


Embers of Allure

Here’s a little song I have written, I haven’t ever attempted to write song lyrics as I haven’t been influenced by the combination of melody and writing before, I feel it’s fun and flows well in my head – may add a few more verses but I had so much fun rolling with word play such as sibilence, euphonics, plosives, fricatives and alliteration with a quick metre and rhyme scheme. 184 more words