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I'm a total mess

I’m crying right now and it’s not because I’m scared for my brother’s results it’s for my own selfish reasons. I should be caring and strong for him, I should be thinking about him not pondering over my selfish shit. 285 more words

Late Night/Early Morning Talk

17h05 :

La pire erreur des proches, des parents et des amis, c’est cette promesse : Promets-moi d’arrêter.

“Quand mes amis m’ont dit cela je leur ai dit que je ne pouvais pas. 

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What's Up!!? Is Self Harm, Self Love...Cutting

 Cutting, a difficult form of self mutilation….was that something we saw on the arms of Robin Williams? And, self mutilation…is an expression of what exactly, self love, its hard to say. 199 more words


Eu tenho aquela tristeza de verão...

TW: depressão, automutilação. Preserve-se, não leia sobre o que pode te causar mal-estar! ❤(◕‿◕✿)


Antes de eu começar a expor meus pontos, quero que você saia um pouco da sua casinha e tente se imaginar na seguinte situação:

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I don't want to die but I'm not keen on living either.

I remember being young and naive and not having an understanding of why anyone would ever want to take their own life. I remember when my father took his own life I would lie in bed at night wondering how someone could reach the point of throwing the towel in with life. 457 more words



Another night, another time to lie awake staring at the ceiling with your thoughts dominating your every move and breathe. You sit up on your double bed and peak at the empty left side. 346 more words


Grappling, Balancing, Falling Over, and Getting Bruised: Can I just die now? Please?

I tried. 
For every moment that I thought in my life that I owed to my parents and people who loved me…
I tried. I really did. 65 more words