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The nude female

I always think it’s funny when I see shots of celebrities where they’re identified as being ‘bare faced’ or having ‘no makeup’, like this isn’t the default setting for the female of our species. 233 more words

Academy Days

Nope. I didn’t go to the academy. I was supposed to, but I decided to just contemplate about this whole thing at home. And here I am starting with a selfie.


"Selfie" ~ Special Post for all my Prime-time TV Watchers!!! [Hint: 2 words...Crayon Pop]

Hey my lovely and wonderful fellow K-poppers~!

If you follow American prime-time TV at all, you have probably heard of the new abc sitcom, SELFIE… 136 more words

Bar Bar Bar

Day 271 - BFF

It’s no secret: I LOVE MY DOG. She is such a good little model, snuggle buddy, sounding board, conversationalist, non-judgey mcjudgerson and happy pill substitute.


Rita's Celfie!

Hometown: Crosby, Minnesota

Most Recent Workout: Level 3 Pilates Reformer Workout! Tough, but awesome!!

Best Fitness Tip You Have Been Given: Find something you enjoy doing in terms of exercise, and stick with it. 132 more words

Instructor Spotlight

The first selfie

This is a photo of five photographers holding a very heavy analog camera at arm’s length. Joseph Byron, founder of the Byron Company (a commercial photography studio founded in 1892 in Mnahattan), is holding the camera at the left, his colleague Ben Falk on the right.  66 more words


365 days of selfies

My best friend, Dia, is going to have a field day when she hears what I’m going to start doing every single day until next October 22.   103 more words