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Smile, you are on your smartphone, and on your Facebook page, and in a tweet, and an Instagram, and in a text, and...

I love selfies, and as I write that, I’m surprised that there is a squiggly red line under the word, selfie.  I mean, by now it should have been awarded space in the dictionary.   433 more words

No Biggie, Just Growing Humans

Right now it’s so funny to hear “you don’t look like you are carrying twins but when I was carrying 1 I was asked all the time if I was having twins”.

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Outdoor Reading

Can’t resist reading outdoors in this beautiful weather. Bought my picnic mat, my course literature, a cup of tea and having a little fika by the garden just outside my apartment.Then I met a neighbour who told about the woods nearby, only a minute walk from where I was sitting. 92 more words


Day 47

First London #selfie #happydays #day47



My favourite modern philosopher John Locke described Human nature as an empty board, Tabula Rasa. One borns with an open, empty mind. Tabula Rasa builds itself by one’s experiences little by little. 192 more words