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Coping Skill #43. Asking for Help

This week, I found myself needing things from home while at school. Not having a towel, for example, is an awkward position to be in when you are staying with a friend. 464 more words


A memorable funeral

It was a foolish act, the way they barged into the scene. The tears, which were streaming on their full rosy cheeks, looked ridiculous. The funeral was funny … Guests came to eat, drink and laugh. 50 more words

How to Love

We think love is easy. From birth we love
the hand that calms, the breast that feeds,
the eyes that take us in. Later, we love the lips… 161 more words


Will Harader: Selfishness and Selflessness - Two Sides of the Same Coin

Written by Will Harader, The Galactic Free Press.

To those used to dualistic thinking, these two things might seem completely different, but selfishness and selflessness are more closely related than one might believe. 478 more words

Spiritual News

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Why we should all embrace our inner selfishness

As children and even throughout our adult life, we’re encouraged to look out for others before ourselves. The old Christian tradition of ‘love thy neighbour’ sticks with us as we are encouraged to do good to others and generally behave in ways which make our environment harmonious. 392 more words


I'll never have a day to myself again.

I called her today, telling her I won’t be visiting her today, because I had other plans. She got all silent. I said “Do you want me to come anyway?” She said “yes”. 176 more words


Questioning RAK at Easter

Twice a year, Christmas and Easter, We usually drop presents and thank you cards to the emergency services and hospital, it’s been a tradition in my house, something I use to look forward to, preparing for and doing with the kids. 318 more words

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