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Twilight Chapters 1-4

Round 2! Really got to figure out why my autosave function keeps fucking up and losing my work…


The preface for this book is actually pretty good. 10,855 more words

Stephanie Meyer

Selflessness is not a virtue

Most people take it for granted that selflessness is a virtue. In business, altruism—always putting others first, selfless service to a company,“servant leadership”—is praised as the ultimate expression of virtue. 717 more words


Be Selfish. Experience The World. Be More You.

I have a Spanish friend who, as she learned more and more English, remained baffled by the word tasty. How, she wondered, could a word as neutral and conceptual as tasty — being of the taste sensation — come to mean tasting good? 1,063 more words

Ferguson, MO: Far From Justice

The goal of a virtuous life is to become like God.

St. Gregory of Nyssa, in De Beatitudinibus

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Justice is one of the cardinal virtues.  

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#SexDilly: Sex Just Got A Makeover, Are You Worth The CCPISS Theory?

Sometimes I sit and stare into my redesigned earth, my creation of solitude, insomnia and sexual frequencies with an ashtray to the left and a neon stray suit, a crown on my head… And my man laying motionless and feeling conquered by my newly invented style of sex. 1,026 more words

Too much sharing?!

If someone ever tell you that they have such a “care free life”, don’t ever believe them. Everyone has got something to talk about, to complain about, to annoy his best friend about that beautiful chicken sandwich with mayonnaise, fresh tomato and lettuce and a double layers of melted cheese that fell on the dusty ground before he could even take a bite of it. 393 more words

Source of contention

Have you ever known a group of bickering people? Bicking people who complain and argue and fight can be found everywhere. They are in public, in church, even in our homes. 329 more words