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Today's Dose: 4/22/14

Give someone a shot at luck…

I have a confession to make – I have a slight obsession with scratch off tickets! I have never spent more than a few dollars at a time and I don’t buy them often, but I love the little rush it gives me. 258 more words



I’m so selfish when it comes to my relationship with God. I’m so controlling when it comes to us. I really do want what I want even if it’s not what I should have. 534 more words


Episodes 2 and 3 of Captain Earth - Chasing Normality

The second episode of Captain Earth was effectively formed of two parts – an action sequence which built up Daichi (literally, as his robot was constructed) and then tore him down as he was unable to fight when it mattered, and subsequently the fallout from this. 1,484 more words

Animation & Film

"Me" Time, Part II

So after I posted the last blog, my fiance read it.

Actually he read it before I posted it because he proofs my spelling and grammar. 699 more words

Following the Path of Sacrifice.

What are the requirements of following the Path of Sacrifice?

To obey God’s Laws.

To self-empty so you can be filled with God’s Light.

To repent, turn away from darkness to serve the Light. 89 more words

Personal Development

Pry Or It Tease

The scoop: I wrote this shortly after travelling to the Lone Star state under the pull of delusion. Then, a few moments ago I cleaned my car of its atrocious mess. 369 more words


Are you a cantankerous Christian?

“They’re hard to please and quick to complain.” This is what I was told about people who attend Bible conference centers. I heard the same report from a waitress about groups of Christians who frequent area restaurants. 453 more words