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it's okay

to realize that there are things that are not meant to be.  maybe that’s a cop-out.  maybe.  where you might be disappointed in my surrender, i feel as though i am throwing out the stropped pea-like-pebble that has been digging into my heel.  58 more words

Rambles In Shambles.

Gun Control is Common Sense and Popular

So you understand the problem, let’s start with data. On an average day killing machines, called guns for short, are used to murder 32 Americans, commit suicide by 51 people, and kill 45 people by accident. 733 more words

Gun Control

Fifty Things I've Learned In My First Fifty Years - #49

As I mentioned in the first installment, these are in no particular order.  Some of these are hings I have learned about myself and some are kernels of wisdom that I wish to share. 350 more words


Mailbag 4: A Great New Analogy

Mailbag posts happen when I get such great comments that the reply turns into something that I *really* want to post instead. Feedback really helps when one is trying to improve both ideas and the communication of those ideas – and commenters who successfully inspire mailbag posts are *really* appreciated. 748 more words

Science Of Morality

Larry Larson - Twelve - Twelve Insight Journal - You Are Your Entire Field Of Being - 20 April 2014

You don’t have to be narrowly focused all of the time. That which you would call self-absorbed we would call focally absorbed. When you are absorbed with your greater nonphysical self you are in the right place. 269 more words


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Far too weak and rebellious

The “five minutes” women take before they are ready to go, is roughly equivalent to the “in a moment” response men give when asked take out the trash. 453 more words

A perfect example of a highly unwise Quote.

A perfect example of highly unwise advice peddled in society…

“Everybody is special. Everybody. Everybody is a hero, a lover, a fool, a villain. Everybody. Everybody has their story to tell.” 234 more words