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What's Killing Your Relationships - You are!

What is killing our relationships? We are! One inconsiderate thought, word, or deed done consistently over a period of time. We are so busy thinking about ourselves that we don’t consider those around us. 75 more words

The Bible in a Nutshell

God’s Word: Romans 5:12-21

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

In the beginning—My world was perfect—and then I chose to create humanity. 342 more words

The User: A Primer

Have you ever been used? Can you spot a user?

The user is a clever creature who uses your good nature in order to get you to do what he wants when you might choose not to do the same if asked honestly. 1,430 more words

Mindful Living: Selflessness vs Selfishness

Last week I found myself breathing a HUGE sigh of relief as my meditation teacher took us through a beautiful healing meditation for others and more importantly OURSELVES. 591 more words



I’m not sure about tye cause but my routine has been completely off for the last few days. In reality it may just be that I have overscheduled myself and that the delicate balance required to fulfill my own self-imposed obligaions is just not realistic outside of a vacuum. 110 more words


73. Mutual Aid

Pat: Many people think that “humans are naturally selfish”.
Peter: If only they would think…


Good Advice for Prompt 65, Advice

I told you once
I’ll tell you twice
I’ll never give you
Good advice

I’ll just project
Myself herein
In your despair
My dreams begin… 84 more words