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The Worst Prison Is A Closed Heart

  “Now our hearts are closed buds that harbor anger, jealousy and selfishness. But when Love flows and washes away the impurities, our hearts will flower and bless the world.” -Amma     In your Journey open your heart and love.  44 more words



Neal Pollard
Steve Martz recently wrote a book he entitled 77 Talks To Bored-Again Teens. Explaining the rationale for his book, Martz says, “With teenage attention spans decreasing as fast as new channels appear on satellite TV, it’s not just a case of presenting the gospel as it stands and hoping they ‘get it.’ In this post-modern age you have to hit them in bite-sized chunks to make an impact and make tentative steps into their world.” There is no doubt that our world is changing, and most of us change with it to a greater degree than we realize. 541 more words


Facing the return of Karma in the Scorpio Cycle.

During the planetary cycle of  Scorpio from October 23 until November 21 we will have to face the returning energy which we have previously misused through selfishness, self-love and idolatry. 93 more words


Babysitting Adults (not "impaired" adults just adults)


               I prefer this

                                                                                                              To this

Why; because a child you can tell them that isn’t the way to behave to get things done, and an adult you just have to tolerate. 598 more words


From Here On In

You know what? I’ve come to the swift conclusion that there are many people who just cannot be impressed, are too self absorbed, and don’t want to be bothered with anything unless it suits… 205 more words


Devotional - Teamwork and the Bible

At our Stockade meetings, we “build the stockade” by forming two lines that represent the walls of a fort.  Each group of boys and men are called a “post”. 761 more words

Christian Service Brigade

Selfishness Personified

An amazing friend of mine has adopted two daughters out of the foster care system.  Two Special Needs girls who have significant needs beyond just being older in the system.   911 more words