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I made a really wrong decision

First of all I really wanna say sorry to myself. I pushed her too hard at that time. I knew that she could never succeed that part, but I still forced her to face that part. 70 more words

I ask you these questions...

Okay now I’ll ask you guys these questions…

Have you ever felt like you’re the happiest person in the world?

What does make you feel that happy?

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Truth: I can be a rather pessimistic person.  I tend to worry a lot, and I am quite prone to anxiety.  It’s way too easy for me to slip into outlandish negative statements (EVERYTHING is going wrong!) 1,219 more words


3 Questions People With Pain Really Need To Ask!

How have I been sleeping?

Ask yourself: Why are we full of excuses to miss out on sleep? Why is it that when we push ourselves or are pushed to the limit, where the first thing we do is skimp on the one simple, 100% free remedy that can help us most? 1,107 more words

My Lack of Knowing The Words

Hey, readers!

Now am gonna write something about me. The short story is I was being silly and ended up in a bad experience. And here goes the long story… 482 more words


December Talk

It’s December! My month, the greeting season begins <3

This picture was captured maybe 2 or 3 years ago, when i went out with some best friends to the busiest place in Saigon. 169 more words


Semua Enggak Ada Yang Mudah

Beberapa hari kemarin, saya menanyakan satu pertanyaan naif sama salah satu teman, ya..katakalah teman yang sudah  cukup tahu saya dengan baik.

Saya: “Kalau ada lowongan di tempat kerjamu bilang-bilang ya?”. 439 more words