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I never had that explosive burst of self-confidence when I was growing up, so it is always fascinating to see a display of honest self-confidence despite the unlikely odds that might be a reason to display the otherwise on a less extraordinary man/woman. 31 more words

The glint & the stench

Fists clenched.

Body still.

The stench of onions toxic in the air

The unbalanced glint of a Santoku gliding by

Out of nowhere the angry oration… 65 more words


Hit by a dream

Hit by a train.

Your eyes slowly open.

Weighed down and glazed.

The memories fresh.

In a daze

Blink twice.

Slide out before you are pulled back in. 45 more words


My biggest fan...myself

What will next year look like?


 Every year when my birthday comes around, it always make me think about where I was the year before. I don’t consciously mean to, but I sort of grade myself. 459 more words

seringkali aku merasa takut, merasa bodoh, merasa kerdil,

tapi aku tak pernah putus asa


Tuhan Maha Baik

dan aku percaya.

and if I fail, i know that’s the best for me.

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Looks Like My Diary . .

Personal "Upgrading"

Who knew that a simple girl raised in rural Zimbabwe could be so skilled at making Mexican, Italian, American, Japanese specialty dishes- just for fun??   I was so inspired when I hear Pastor Gurupira at a recent ladies meeting speak about continual growth and being eager to learn.   786 more words


Andai Saja Aku Tahu...

Aku suka sekali sama puisi ini. Puisi ini mengenai betapa harusnya kita bersyukur masih memiliki orang – orang yang kita sayangi. Tapi, apakah kita sudah bilang sama mereka kalau kita sayang sama mereka? 431 more words