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RESPECT yourself enough, to not allow anyone to DISRESPECT you!

Nail Polish looks so Fab

OH lord its early and Kentucky is as cold as a witches tit but you better believe everything is in full bloom and deer’s run out in front of your car every time you get brave enough to leave your house with all the kids in tow . 454 more words

I’ve never met a Queen who didn’t want her King. There’s never been one whom has settled for the next best thing

Queen Venus

I'm still Haley

A lot and I do mean A lot of women lose their identity when they become a mother . They become immersed with being Mommy and they forget who they were and who they should still be . 463 more words

When the Pity is Gone: So Are You

It sucks being laughed at. Being made a fool. No one wants to look like a complete idiot. But every time you walk away …everyone smirks. 379 more words