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More then sum total...

Remember when Apple came out with iPods? I wanted one too. My boyfriend at the time heard me talk about it and decided to by me a refurbished one and give it to me as a Valentine’s Day gift. 244 more words

Helena Calhoun


I’m an Introvert.

I only realized it recently. To be more accurate, I only accepted it recently.

I used to think ‘introvert’ was inferior to ‘extrovert’. 764 more words


Hypocrite is my name

Last night I read through all my past posts over the last three years.  Every post is about how I was struggling to accept my husband, how I was numb to love, how I was broken. 612 more words


Consciousness shift

We have been told: “Love others”, “Do not judge others”, “Be nice to others” and that is definitely good advice, but the issue with living by those words is that you must still turn your attention outward, on “others”. 404 more words

Toes Are Almost In the Sand

Oh wow. 1 week until the big move. I’m not entirely sure what emotions I am feeling after realizing this. I believe it’s a combination of freaked out, excited, freaked out, excited, oh, and freaked out. 665 more words


over coming obstacles

Just wanted to let anyone out there who’s listening or reading this…..

That Life isn’t always as bad or as tough as it seems.

Yea, we might fall in Love, break a bone or suffer from some traumatic experience of some sort. 45 more words


What I Learned From My Breakup

So, lets be honest.

Breakups suck. 

Between the uncertainty of life, the crying and billions of tissues sprawled throughout the apartment, and the two tubs of empty ice cream left on your counters, life starts seeming like a huge mess you won’t ever be able to put back together. 1,565 more words