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Faking30 and Sexual Harassment ?

I’ve posted before about women in the work place and all the “struggles” faced being a women. After recently learned about a group of young women who were sexually harassed by their boss I find myself more confused than ever. 322 more words

Hey Stranger,

My Anxiety’s back. Just thought you might wanna know.
Actually, If I’m gunna be totally honest, it never left. I guess it just kinda remained under the surface for a while. 419 more words



“You are perfect.”She says.

She takes her words and slams them into my chest.

Everything that’s ever hurt me is under her nails, the nails that rake at collar bones and closed eyelids, back bones and knee caps, hip bones and wrist veins. 52 more words


The Fix: Day 3 of 21 (And A Journey I Will Never Forget)

So many interesting things happened to me yesterday which was why I waited until today to post it. These things brought me to the realization that sometimes you have to let things, and people go no matter how much you want to help them. 1,536 more words

A bit about me and some emotional stuff...

Back in January, coming to terms with the passing of my grandma, excessive weight gain and a genuine month of low self esteem; I realised things do get better with time. 715 more words

Forgive and Forget.

Can one ever truly forgive and forget? It seems like such a saint like notion that it seems no man on earth can be capable of doing such a heavenly deed. 324 more words


Alas my heart...

Alas my heart, we are alone again… Let’s pack our memories and what we can attain… Let the tears flow, it’s cleansing and not in vain… No no no, I beg you, don’t shut down with strain… Let it consume us, let it stain… We felt pleasure, now let’s face the pain… Don’t be sad, the sun will shine again… For now, let’s turn the page… And move on…