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Light at the End of the Tunnel

When opening my Twitter account, this was the first tweet I read:

“Anybody can get a job. It takes a man to make it without working.”

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One of the hardest things in life is to remain positive. There’s so much negativity out there forced upon us from the news, television, social media and every day life. 317 more words

Toxic Niceness

Is it possible to offend someone and be completely oblivious to it? Sure. Is it possible to offend someone to the point they won’t speak to you and not be aware of it?? 502 more words



I can remember my Mom saying to me “Your too sensitive Renae ” well how could I be any different than I was? Hearing that sensitivity was not a good thing and I should toughen up caused me to hide parts of myself. 131 more words


Energy Shift Update 1/26/2015

Energy Shift Update: Are you feeling the drive to take your life to the next level?

Something deep inside saying hey there – get moving – what are you waiting for? 60 more words

#Nikola #Tesla

Human worth...given a numerical value?

Random Status found online:
“Let me tell yall something before i Go.. No real Cute Female not gonna settle for someone who’s ugly & Broke. if your broke your minds well go eat a Dumpster & drink out someone water hose because im not feeding you. 276 more words

A Hard Nut To Crack...

A novice at writing I tend to dread looking at my notification page. Hoping that somebody would like my post today.

Wondering if I have reached any readers today. 207 more words

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