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Finding Self Worth

So I’m getting really tired of hearing the same old same from my she-friends. I mean go shopping with a group of girls and within the first hour I guarantee you, you’ll start to hear their every insecurity. 316 more words

1st Day of School Reflection

Being in my final year as an undergrad, if there is one question that I get more often than not its along the lines of, “what do you want to do after college?” To which I would really like to reply that I just want to survive this crazy busy year first, and like to actually see my graduation. 194 more words

Where have i been??!!

Hello my lovelies,

I am finally back on this site. I was actually reminded by my boyfriend to come and give an update. So, I was like oh yea, I have a blog! 795 more words

Don't end up in that kinda relationship

Unfortunately the generation we live in has made so many feel like they have to lessen their standards when it comes to dating; because relationships has become something that isn’t taken seriously as it should be. 50 more words


Audience participation

How would you respond if a friend gave you this book for your birthday?

Self Belief

Rolling with the punches

I’d just like to start off my saying what is life without a few stumbles!? Or in my case a few downright face plants?
You never know what kind of person you are or for that matter, how strong you are until you overcome something you never thought you could handle. 262 more words

The Reason I am taking a break from Facebook

(let me start with an apology from my previous blog, I used my iphone to post and it autocorrected so much that it made me sound dumb. 1,382 more words