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Thought of the night..

This is something I’m personally trying to work on… Walk as if you couldn’t give a sh*t about what people think about you, and eventually you’ll start to believe it yourself 😉😏



{poem originally posted at gabywrites}

Something I wrestle with every day is feeling loved. Feeling accepted. Feeling like I am enough. I’m not sure why this is my fight. 237 more words



Sometimes you have to throw your own rule book out of the window. That doesn’t mean changing who you are, changing your beliefs, or that you’re making poor choices. 152 more words


We spend so much time in a state of wonder.  Questions we want answered, but are too afraid to ask… Scared that the truth may lead us back to the path we were once on, fighting to find our way.  303 more words

Tangent on Society

My best friend is a size 3. She is ashamed of herself because society says “real men love curves and that by being blessed with a naturally slim body is unappealing. 287 more words

Energy Shift Update: Sure Footing

This is the time to include God / SPIRIT in your life. The last shift was to clear and clean out your life, career, health, and set your sights for what you desire to have happen for the rest of 2014. 816 more words


Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Okay so I know my blog thus far has run along the lines of self-empowerment and being comfortable with yourself, but something has been irking my nerves. 386 more words