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All Hail Queen Nervous-Wreck

I think 2015 has some insane creeping skills because I never anticipated it to come as quickly as it is. And, scarily enough, it is, most definitely, going to be a huge year for me. 456 more words


Who have I become

I havent been on here a while, and a lot has happened.
As of now, I question my being.
Why have I turned into a person who dislikes herself so much, there is no room for self-acceptance. 18 more words

Daily Blogging

Going back to the drawing board (Pt2)

The main objective of this particular piece is to elaborate on my opinion on temporary people without sounding too much like a victim, because I think we are all guilty of this particular crime. 373 more words

Why I never compliment a beautiful woman unless...

A girl who is born with good looks gets treated differently from the girls who are born with what we call either, average society standards or below standard looks. 539 more words


Do you feel less worthy when something ends or changes? This is an indication that you have been measuring your worth there… This is easier said than done… I know If we bring awareness and honesty into our lives on a regular basis…we can find the areas that we give away our power in this way. 119 more words


You don't have to sexualize yourself to be beautiful!

Touching on this subject is honestly like talking to brick walls. LOL. Females who fall into this category always feel like they are being targeted, attacked  or hated on when they are told they are worth more than their half naked pictures on social media. 465 more words


Broken Keyboards and Self-Worth

Everyday in my class

I was assigned a project to do on the computer

Everyday I sat in the same seat

used the same computer… 107 more words