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I Am Different

I am different because i have a big heart that longs to help the hurt and forgives with such mercy.
I am different because i am anointed to pray and heal. 116 more words

My Fight.

Going on today’s popular social network apps & sites lately, I’ve seen at least a hundred negative comments towards people. Some to myself. I had people asking me why I look the way I do & why my eyebrow looks the way it does. 347 more words


Your Standard of A Woman Good Enough

I’m unhappy, like really unhappy. Because there’s a hole in my heart where you should be. Because I can’t bring myself to be with anyone else. 279 more words


I Care.

Hurt. Pain. Judgment. Lies. Deception. Denial. Loneliness. Sadness. Anxiety. Self-conscious. Not just words, but emotions. Emotions usually hidden behind a fake smile due to being scorned by another or society itself. 214 more words

Gifts and Talents.

We are all blessed with different gifts and talents. One of your gifts may be painting; it might be understanding complex scientific formulae or it could be making people feel at ease with your gentle smile. 519 more words